Content first v content later - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #190

If you’ve been building WordPress websites for any length of time, then you know this debate inside out. Should you get all the content from the client before you start the project? The answer is not as simple as you think. There are so many factors at play. Clients who just don’t know what they want until they see it. Clients who don’t understand your processes. Perhaps you even prefer to iterate your designs as the prject wears on and like the possibility to adapt what the client needs as you go. You might even take of the whole thing and say that you’ll supply content and they can overwrite it at a later date when they’re ready. Whatever the case may be, you don’t want to be help up getting the website built, shipped and paid for because of content! So what’s the best appraoch? Find out what we thing on the WP Builds podcast today…

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Let us take care of your WordPress websites so that you can keep building them - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #189

I got into building WordPress websites because I like building websites. Now that is a breathtaking insight I know! But it’s important to think about this for a minute. I have no metrics on this, but I know for certain that I spend quite a but of my week just patching up and maintaining websites that I’ve already built. This is covered by my care plans but I’m not all that sure how profitable my WordPress website care plans are, one month I might do very little, another, I’m inundated! Today on the WP Builds Podcast we have Brad Morrison from GoWP who is here to tell us how they can take this support burden away from you. They’ll do all the maintainance, support, updating and content edits for you. Their new service will even build your webpages for you! Have a listen and see if it’s for you…

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184 - Limited client access v's full access - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

Some WordPress freelancers and agencies give clients full admin access to WordPress. Some give another role, such as the Editor role. What works best for you and your clients? Some completely reconfigure and white label the WordPress dashboard. Some give an Editor role for everyday use and an Admin role so they have ownership. I’m sure there are more variations. Perhaps you’ve changed your position on this over the years, or still have a level of uncertainty. Do you or don’t you want clients to see what’s going on under the hood with their WordPress website? Check out the WP Builds podcast to find out what we think!

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WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast: 175 - Having a system for 'Word of Mouth' marketing

Today we chat with Jason Resnick, a seasoned WordPress pro, who has been working with WordPress and eCommerce pretty much when it all started out! We’re talking today about ‘word of mouth’ marketing. Now, most people when asked about word of mouth will probably see this as something that happens organically, something that you don’t really have all that much control over. After all it’s happening in situations largely outside of your control. You can offer a great service and hope that people are going to mention your name when they get asked the question… ‘Who would you recommend to build my WordPress website?’, but it’s little more than hope, right? Jason explains why it’s a little bit more than this in this weeks podcast…

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162 - Information Overload - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

You know how this goes… You have an inbox and it’s overflowing. You have almost no time in the day to deal with nonsense, but you do read your emails… some of your emails. But which ones? Which emails make the cut and get opened and which ones fall by the wayside, their only purpose in life was just to add a tiny amount to the carbon footprint? Building WordPress websites, you need to advise your clients about ways that they can interact with their customers or audience. They need to have a little understanding in terms of how they can market to the world. Perhaps you’re not the person to teach them all of this, and yes, there might be people out there who are heaps better at marketing than you are (this is certainly true for myself and David), but that should not stop you thinking about this subject and offer your clients some thoughts as to what might work, and certainly what does not work anymore. Check out the podcast to hear our thoughts on this…

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161 - Why don't you believe in us? - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

Why should your WordPress website clients have any confidence in your ability to actually build and deploy their website? After all there are so many competitors to choose from. Is there any way that you can turn disbelief into belief? In another exploration of the ‘Watertight Marketing’ book we discuss this subject. Perhaps you’ve been using testimonials and turning them into case studies. These are easy to do, and no doubt quite effective, but how on earth do you actually get your clients to give up their precious time to provide then to you? Are you best just asking them directly or should you have them on some kind of ‘website launch’ sequence which guides them towards this? Are you going to tell them what to say or just leave it up to them, knowing that they’ll miss out most of the things that you really need. It’s a really difficult subject and one that both David and I feel that we need some help with!

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159 - My nephew makes websites too - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

What do you do when your WordPress website client says that they are talking to other people about the site that you’re building… my girlfriend’s nephew! How do we manage this?
Do you just roll with the punches and assume that all will be well. Perhaps you need to ask who these people and what makes them qualified to offer their opinions. You could also put processes in place to make sure that the client has clear boundaries about who can suggest what.
In this episode of the WP Builds WordPress podcast we talk this through. Guided by the Watertight Marketing book by Bryony Thomas. I’m sure that you’ve been through situations like this yourself, perhaps our ideas align with yours? Anyway, it’s a fascinating subject which is the cause of so much wasted time and energy!

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157 - Honey traps for website clients - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

How do your WordPress website clients ‘try before they buy’? What can we do to trust our services and try them out before they part with their money. We share some ideas about that. Because, in the real world, we want to try out all-the-things before we buy them. Shoes, clothes, phones… most things. But was can’t allow customers to try out the finished website before they are to sign the contract… we’d be broke. But perhaps there are some other ways that we can build up the trust that they need to have in us, ways that won’t break the bank for us, but offer meaningful value to the clients and slowly, but surely edge them closer to the ultimate goal… the building of their new WordPress website. Join David and Nathan as they discuss what might be possible…

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WordPress forms is a crowded space, so we launched WP Forms - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

Some things are universal. Something about death and taxes. Another universal is that you will put some kind of contact form on every site that you build. You will though, won’t you?
WP Forms entered a crowded marketplace a few years ago with a simple idea… can we make it faster for users to create their forms, and I think that the answer is a yes!
Join Jared Atchison, the founder of WP Forms, as we discuss what makes WP Forms different, how they got started, and where they are headed.
Even if you’re entirely happy with your current WordPress forms solution, this is still worth a listen to see how you can enter a saturated market, and still make an impact.

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Are we boring? - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This discussion is another based on the book Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas which gives us 13 areas where we (or our clients) could be leaking potential business. With this series, we are working our way up an imaginary funnel starting first with our existing customers (Leak #1), then our on-boarding for leads (Leak #2) Now we are looking at Leak #3 – No emotional connection – Your brand or reputation – what kind of people are you? All of the elements above come together to really sum up what your company is about. It’s what will determine how it feels to be a customer of yours. It is what builds your company’s reputation. This happens over time, but there are some foundations you need to lay. And those are what your company looks and sounds like.

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