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157 – Honey traps for website clients

157 - Honey traps for website clients - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

How do your WordPress website clients ‘try before they buy’? What can we do to trust our services and try them out before they part with their money. We share some ideas about that. Because, in the real world, we want to try out all-the-things before we buy them. Shoes, clothes, phones… most things. But was can’t allow customers to try out the finished website before they are to sign the contract… we’d be broke. But perhaps there are some other ways that we can build up the trust that they need to have in us, ways that won’t break the bank for us, but offer meaningful value to the clients and slowly, but surely edge them closer to the ultimate goal… the building of their new WordPress website. Join David and Nathan as they discuss what might be possible…

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156 – WordPress forms is a crowded space, so we launched WPForms

WordPress forms is a crowded space, so we launched WP Forms - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

Some things are universal. Something about death and taxes. Another universal is that you will put some kind of contact form on every site that you build. You will though, won’t you?
WP Forms entered a crowded marketplace a few years ago with a simple idea… can we make it faster for users to create their forms, and I think that the answer is a yes!
Join Jared Atchison, the founder of WP Forms, as we discuss what makes WP Forms different, how they got started, and where they are headed.
Even if you’re entirely happy with your current WordPress forms solution, this is still worth a listen to see how you can enter a saturated market, and still make an impact.

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155 – Are we boring?

Are we boring? - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This discussion is another based on the book Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas which gives us 13 areas where we (or our clients) could be leaking potential business. With this series, we are working our way up an imaginary funnel starting first with our existing customers (Leak #1), then our on-boarding for leads (Leak #2) Now we are looking at Leak #3 – No emotional connection – Your brand or reputation – what kind of people are you? All of the elements above come together to really sum up what your company is about. It’s what will determine how it feels to be a customer of yours. It is what builds your company’s reputation. This happens over time, but there are some foundations you need to lay. And those are what your company looks and sounds like.

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153 – Losing clients before you even get them

Losing clients before you even get them - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This is a little mini-series based upon the book ‘Watertight Marketing’ by Bryony Thomas. This is about that time in the client / project lifecycle when they (the client) have made some kind of commitment to use your products or services, they might even have signed a contract, but you’ve not delivered anything yet. It’s a time when they can still ‘get away’ from you. Yes, you might have a contract in place whereby you can insist that they are obliged to give you this or that, but honestly, have you ever enforced this, or is it better to just let them walk away and save yourself the legal fees and headache of trying to get them to pay up what they owe you? David calls this ‘The Welcome Window’. You think that you have them as a client, but it’s still possible for things to go wrong…

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151 – Are we leaking clients?

151 - Are we leaking clients? - The WP Builds WordPress podcast

This episode is really about keeping the WordPress clients that you already have. What’s the old phrase? Don’t leave money on the table? Well, that’s certainly the case for many of us. This is another episode in our mini series and it’s all about trying to get as much value from and to the clients that you already have. Perhaps you build sites and then just move on not making use of the rapport and connections that you’ve made. Surely though, our existing clients are the ones that know us and what we do best. They have trust in you and what you’re able to offer. So today we explore what we’ve done to foster these client relationships and David has some great ideas about what he’s doing with his own agency. Well worth a listen…

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149 – Marketing funnels don’t exist!

Marketing funnels don’t exist! - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This discussion is about marketing, and it has a very click-bait title! It’s probably safe to say that we are not experts in marketing and certainly not marketing funnels. Nevertheless we thought we would chat about this and why we might need to get better a digital marketing for ourselves and clients and where WordPress could help with that. What’s different about this discussion is that really is an introduction to a series of discussions we will have based on a book called Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas. Listen to this episode to find out more…

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138 – Are we happy with how we manage tasks?

Are we happy with how we manage tasks? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Today, the podcast talks about tasks. Not so much the tasks themselves, but more the way that we approach them. We discuss the way that different people have the ability to move happily from task to task, whilst other people need to complete one task before they can move onto another one. I guess that there’s no ‘right’ way to accomplish tasks, but it’s interesting to see whether or not we think that other people’s approaches are batter than our own. It’s a fun episode for sure!

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136 – Standing up to clients

Standing up to clients - WP Builds WordPress podcast

In this episode David and I talk about the interactions which we have with clients. Most of the time (I hope) we have good relations with our clients. They want to work with you and you want to work with them… but this does not mean that you’re always going to see eye to eye with them. From time to time you’re going to have to face up to a client who is not wanting to work with your processes and it not willing to be flexible. What do we do…?

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132 – Working when there are other things to do

Working when there are other things to do - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

So this episode is a little bit of a departure for us, in that it’s much more personal than usual, and has very little to do with WordPress, so forgive us! When we decided to cover this topic, I (Nathan) was thinking that we’d be talking about the things in life my non-work life that I have to do, sometimes in opposition to my work life.

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131 – Stroke and poke your clients to keep you sane with Hannah Smith

Stroke the poke your clients to keep you sane with Hannah Smith - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

If you’ve work with WordPress websites for client you’ll know that one of the hardest parts of the job is successfully communicating with clients. Today, Hannah Smith talks about her approach for doing just that. It’s a really interesting take on how you can try to keep your clients happy all the time, but that’s realistically possible and there’s going to be times when you need to push back and say “no”. It’s an interesting talk with some fresh perspectives in this important business area.

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