38 – How not to talk to WordPress clients

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In this weeks episode we discuss the thorny issue of how we communicate with clients. The whole topic was inspired by a post on the WP Elevation blog written by Christine Hawkins about how we communicate our value to clients in the face of stiff competition from the likes of Squarespace and Wix.

We talk about the way that we talk to clients and what we do to ensure that they ‘get’ what it is that we’re trying to sell them, and understand the value that our products and services brings. It’s not just about building a WordPress web site and passing it over, erm… is it?

We also talk about some of the ‘other’ things that we do, that perhaps we should not – how to keep client expectation in check, shall we say.

I think that we could have approached this discussion in a thousand different way, but, as always, we’ve managed to find the one way that reveals the least amount of valuable information in the longest possible time! We hope that you enjoy it!

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