279 – Design Aesthetics

Design Aesthetics - WP Builds Podcast #279

Another episode of the WordPress Business Bootcamp where we try to go right back to the start and unpick the process of building sites for clients. Today we’re on to the tricky subject of ‘Design Aesthetics’! Aesthetics affect a brand’s credibility and perception. The look and feel is probably the thing that first hit us first and is most important to our clients. But the problem is that aesthetics are subjective, there is no agreed way to deliver such things and we have to find some way to avoid design by committee (the client seeking outside parties) or the loudest voice winning without reference to the overall goals. So how we might do this is the subject of the podcast today. Remember that there’s a dozen other episodes in this series prior to this, but we’d love to get your thoughts on this one… tell us where you get your inspiration and how you handle this with your clients.

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278 – Builderius, a new and innovative way to create your WordPress website

Builderius, a new and innovative way to create your WordPress website - WP Builds Podcast #278

So there’s loads of WordPress tools out there that will help you create your WordPress websites. Chances are that you’ve tried out a few and have some favourite which you use most of the time. New tools are coming out all of the time and this episode is about one of those new tools… Builderius. I can already here you starting to sigh. You’re thinking that there’s no need for another tool, there’s already too many and they all do pretty much the same thing. Well Volodymyr Denchyk is here to try to explain why Builderius is different. And, well, he’s got a point. This is not a Page Builder like you might have used before. It’s more… what’s the word… technical. It needs more from you, the website builder, and it return it promises that it’ll give you almost unlimited possibilities back. It’s it point, click, drag and save? No. Does that mean that it’s not worth looking at? Also, no. I think that it’s got a place, especially if you want to make everything exactly as you want it. So, a technical episode, but well worth a listen. I just love it when new things like this come along.

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277 – User Experience and User Interface

User Experience and User Interface - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #277

So today we’re talking about UI and UX, user interface and user experience, and it’s a really huge topic. We start off by what these crucial concepts are and how they differ and then we get into the weeds of how they can be broken down into more manageable components, so that both our clients and ourselves can understand them better. What makes for ‘good’ UI and UX? How can we test for all of this? Does the client need to be sold all this, or is it just a part of our job? How do we convince them that any of this is even relevant for their, as of now, unvisited website? As always we try to keep it simple and break it down into more manageable parts. Check out the episode and please leave comments to let us know how we’re doing…

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276 – Creating online courses fast with Wishlist Member’s new Courses add-on

Creating online courses fast with Wishlist Member's new Courses add-on - WP Builds Podcast #276

So online courses are all the rage. We know that. Especially since Covid struck, people have been looking for ways to create extra revenue from the knowledge that they have, and well, courses are a good way to do that. Wishlist Member has been around for years, in fact I think that it’s right up there with a few others as one of the oldest membership site solutions for WordPress. We talk about the history of the plugin; how it got started, why they decided to take a punt on a small but growing CMS, and how it’s been going for the last decade. We then get into the courses add-on which allows you to create courses and link them to memberships. Check out the podcast…

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#1 – We have no idea (yet) what this show is about

Coming Up Show

So we’re just trying out a new show and seeing how it goes. What did you think? We discussed the following pages: FSE Program Authoring an Author Template Summary Status of Webfonts API for WordPress 6.0 Inclusion Surface navigation structure as a dedicated UI #36667 Patterns as Sectioning Elements #39281 Global Styles: Saving style variations #38333 Patterns WordPress…

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275 – Creating a brand

Creating a brand - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #275

Welcome to another in the Business Bootcamp series where we relearn everything we know about building WordPress sites and running a web design business from start to finish. We are on Season 2  where we are looking at The Design Process. Today we are discussing  “Creating a brand”. With so much to take in, we needed to split the subject up into seven, easy to understand, sections. So take a listen to the podcast and hit up the comments if you think that we missed anything.

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