248 – How Gravity Hopper will take care of all your Gravity Forms

How Gravity Hopper will take care of all your Gravity Forms - WP Builds Podcast #248

So on the podcast today we have Joshua Vandercar from Gravity Hopper which is a plug that allows you to have a central dashboard for all your Gravity Forms. Joshua is employed by Rocket Genius, the developers of Gravity Forms, so he knows a thing or two about how it all works! The idea is that you create a standalone install of WordPress is put the Gravity Hopper plugin on there and from that moment on you have a central dashboard from which you can handle all of your forms on all of your websites. With Gravity Hopper you can squirrel those forms away and deploy them with just a few clicks on other sites. In fact the magic goes a little further than that, because it might be that you only want to deploy a collection of commonly used fields and not entire forms? That’s possible too, and so are field groups, sections and so on. There’s a lot more to the plugin than this, so check out the podcast today and see if Gravity Hopper can help you save time and effort with your Gravity Forms.

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247 – ‘T’ is for Themes

'T' is for Themes - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #247

WordPress themes are crucial, you have to have one, but will they continue to be so in an era of Full Site Editing? We talk on the podcast today about the WordPress themes that we’ve used over the years. Starting out by being beguiled by themes which could do all-the-things, then moving towards theme frameworks and minimal themes which allowed some basic styling, but then got out of the way of our Page Builder so that we could create headers and footers that way. Which themes do we like and what do we think the future holds with themes appearing to be of less importance in WordPress’ future. Are you exploring new themes? Are you a theme developer worried about the direction of travel? Listen to the podcast and let us know your thoughts…

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246 – Building your own social network with the Friends plugin

Building your own social network with the Friends plugin - WP Builds Podcast #246

So you love Facebook and you hate Facebook, you love Twitter and you hate Twitter. You love… You get the idea! If you’re anything like me you have at times questioned how much time you’ve spent trawling through social media. You may even be worried about how much data they’ve been gathering about you, or perhaps thinking about whether or not we’re even able to escape from it all. On the podcast today we’ve got Alex Kirk, and he certainly has been thinking about all of this. So much so in fact that he’s built a social network plugin for WordPress. Listen to the podcast to find out all about it…

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245 – ‘S’ is for SEO

'S' is for SEO - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #245

So today on the podcast David and Nathan talk about SEO. David certainly knows more about this than Nathan does, but neither of us claim to be experts! It’s a hard subject to ever feel happy about as there’s never an end to it all. Google keeps changing what you need to do and you’re always under a barrage of new information from all over the internet. So in this episode, we just say it as we see it. What do we need to do and what are some of the tools that we’ve used to make our WordPress websites have good SEO and page ranking in the search engines? Go check out the podcast…

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244 – ‘R’ is for Resources

'R' is for Resources - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #244

There are so many tools that you open up each day to do your job as a WordPress website builder or developer. In fact, I’d go as far as say that if you actually counted up the tools that you use each month, it’s going to be way more that you think. There’s graphics to create, template to conjure up, themes and plugins to discover and implement, emails to send, ways of getting client content… Honestly, the list just goes on and on. Inspired by suggestions from the WP Builds Facebook Group, we decided to put together a podcast highlighting some of the resources you use. There’s some real gems in here… honestly, so go check out the podcast today to find out more…

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242 – ‘Q’ is for Quibbles

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #242

It’s another A-Z of WordPress. The series where we attempt to cover all the major aspects of building and maintaining sites with WordPress. Today is for Q for Quibble, which is a slight objection or criticism about a trivial matter and here we are looking at those objections and criticism from both outside the WordPress community and from within. There’s so many little things that we wish we could change and they add up to quite a lot, but looked at individually, they’re really not too bad. So this podcast is one long moan about all the little things that we wish we could alter about WordPress. It feels good to let all this out! Go check out the podcast…

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241 – How FixRunner can take on the maintenance of your WordPress websites

How FixRunner can take on the maintenance of your WordPress websites - WP Builds Podcast #241

WordPress website maintenance and care plans might be something that you like to do, but they also might get in the way of the actual building of your websites. FixRunner are here to help you with that. They will handle all of the dull management tasks for you so that you can focus upon your clients and their website build needs. They offer all the expected things like updates, fixes, backups, but have a pretty unique one-fix pricing options as well meaning you don’t need to subscribe to their service if you just need one thing fixing. Listen to founder Sam Mulaim on the podcast today…

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