The WP Builds UI / UX Show with Piccia Neri
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Next session is on Tuesday 17th January 2023 at 3pm (UK time)

Every month Piccia Neri is going to be holding a UI / UX review of a few websites LIVE in the WP Builds Facebook group, and on the WP Builds LIVE page. Submit your site below if you'd like to be involved. We will delete your data after a few weeks.

Please be aware that a review of this kind highlights the good and the things which need to be improved. Please don't submit your site if you just want Piccia to highlight the things which you did well.

Piccia Neri UI / UX website submission form

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Can you think of a place on the internet where you've seen a Deceptive Design which we could highlight on the show. You can add your experience with this Deceptive Design as well as a URL to the page that you found it on. You can find out more here
Maximum file size limit is 1MB per image. JPG and PNG only. 3 images max.
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