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85 – Create a turnkey website business with WordPress… Matthew Rodela did

We’ve all had that dream… Create a platform that you can set free unto the world. A platform that will allow you to gather new customers who would like to use your product, even though they’ve never talked to you before. A platform that will automate all the things so that you can sit on a beach drinking expensive cocktails and… erm… you get the (somewhat exaggerated) idea! Seriously though. How many times have you thought about leveraging WordPress so that it could be used a platform that could automate your website building business? I know that I have. Unlike you and I, Matthew Rodela stuck at it and has managed to create a business which pretty much automates the creation of websites and his customer base. He’s leveraging that well known but under explored feature of WordPress – Multisite.




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84 – Build 48 websites in a weekend for good causes with Adam Walker

We do have some cool guests on this podcast don’t we? Yes we do, and this week is no different. It’s not about a plugin or a theme, or how to run your business. No… this is about philanthropy and doing nice things for people who need nice things to be done for them. It’s about Adam Walker is the man behind it all and so he’s on to tell you about it and hopefully get you involved. The idea is really very simple… there’s a whole load of deserving people out there who are trying to be good. They do good things with their time and make the world a better place. Sadly though, many of these good things don’t make a lot of money and so they cannot afford to have websites built for them. Adam thought, I should try to solve that, and solve it he did!

83 – Brizy Page Builder – Dimitrie Baitanciuc tells us all about it

Brizy Page Builder… This episode feels like it’s timed at right moment because, if like me, you are always hunting around WordPress communities for news, then you cannot have failed to hear about the new Page Builder on the block – Brizy. We’ve become used to Page Builders now haven’t we? Well, many of us have anyway! They cut a huge amount of time and effort out of creating pages in your WordPress site and they’re also getting more and more capable of taking on the task of creating headers, footers, archive pages. In short, they’re getting too sophisticated to ignore. There are a bunch of Page Builders that we know and love, so why should the Brizy developers have launched into a market that already has some major incumbent players? Why indeed?

82 – Properly supporting our wonderful WordPress community with Dan Maby

One of the best things about doing this podcast is getting to meet people that I might not otherwise have had the chance to talk to. Often those people are doing amazing things in the WordPress space. Dan Maby is one such person. He’s doing really amazing things, and I loved chatting with him. Dan appears to be on a mission to set up WordPress meetups all over the UK, and this is no trivial task. Dan however runs many of them, all over the UK. So what might have been a part-time job suddenly becomes multiple full-time jobs. I honestly don’t know where he gets all the energy and enthusiasm from.

81 – WordPress security and what you need to know about it with David Hayes

This week on the podcast we talk about something that is very dear to my heart… WordPress security! I have literally no idea why this subject fascinates me as much as it does, but for some reason, I cannot help myself, I just love it! I am interested in WordPress / internet security from the 10,000 mile high perspective. I’m not the kind of person to delve into the math of Elliptic Curves or Diffie Helmann symmetric keys. You need to be clever to actually understand this stuff, and as we all know, cleverness is not something that I possess too much of! David Hayes on the other hand is a clever person; the kind of man who understands the code behind WordPress security.


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