114 – Introducing Split Hero for split testing with Adam Lacey

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Interview – Introducing Split Hero for split testing with Adam Lacey

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First, sorry for the poor audio quality of my recording. Adam sounds fine,  but I sound bad!

Adam has been on the podcast before, but on that occasion he was talking about his life as a freelancer, not as the owner of a SaaS app!

He’s founded a company called ‘Split Hero‘ which is laser focussed upon one thing – split testing your WordPress website pages and gain meaningful data back about which one wins!

Hang on a minute though… what is a ‘split test’? Well, I’m glad you asked… A split test is a process you go though with your online to content to decide about which one converts best. Think of two identical web pages. Identical in all respects except that one page has a green button whereas the other has a blue button. A split testing platform will serve up both pages to your visitors and after a certain amount of time has passed, it will let you know the green button appears to get more clicks. You then use the green button on that page and stop using blue buttons.

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You might have noticed that my description of split testing (a.k.a. A / B testing) is a little lacking in detail, and that’s because I don’t really know all that much about it, save from the fact you can do it and then move on to find other things to test – it’s a never-ending process!

Split Hero works with pages, not components of pages. So you create Page A and add its URL to Split Hero. Then you go and create variations of that page… Pages B, C, and D. The app will then serve up Pages A, B, C and D and begin making decisions about which one of those 4 pages converts better for you. Clever.

It’s a simple as setting the app up and with the pages and copy and pasting a little snippet of JavaScript into your website. You’ll start to data about views, bounce rate and how long people spend on each of the pages.

Although you might want to implement this on your own site, there might be a good opportunity in here to upsell this as a service to your clients. If you can show your clients that you’re continually improving their website… well, they’re going to be pleased with you and shower you with more work!!!

We spend quite a big of the podcast talking to Adam about why he decided to build a SaaS app. I’m sure that loads of you have had thoughts like this before. What makes this story so interesting though is the fact that Adam actually did it. He sounded out some of his friends and just jumped right in. Well done!

Another interesting fact about this is the way that Adam is selling it right at the start. He’s trying to get 25 people to sign up for his platform to see if other people really want to use it. If he cannot get 25 customers, then he’s thinking that this is not a go’er and is going to refund those who did invest. It was worth a shot, but ultimately not worth continuing to invest his time and effort in. If he can get the 25 signups, then it’s all systems go.

So… if you want to be one of the people who are going to be founding members of Split Hero and get a lifetime deal, go check out Split Hero and make Adam’s day!

Great episode and a unique way of launching a product.

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