92 – Do higher prices mean better clients?

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Discussion – Do higher prices mean better clients? – [4:06]

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With our discussion guest: Paul Lacey

So we have a new format for the WP Builds podcast that I hope you’re going to like.

Up to now, we’ve been creating podcasts in three sections: 1 – discussion, 2 – interview, 3 – ending fact. These episodes were getting to be quite long (well over an hour), and the generally received wisdom is that this is too long. As a result we’re now going to make the podcasts shorter with only one section in it. We will sometimes have an interview and sometimes we’ll have a discussion.

We’ve also decided that you probably don’t always want to hear David and I drone on about WordPress and associated topics! We thought that it might be good to have another ‘special guest’ in on the discussion episodes. That special guest will have something meaningful to contribute about the topic being discussed this week. Although this sounds like an interview, the intention is that it issn’t; the idea is that the ‘special guest’ in the discussion will be free to ask as well as answer questions and the tenor of the episode should be more conversational and less Q & A.

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We hope that you like the changes. If you do, please tell us. If you don’t, please tell us that too!

Right… on to the discussion for this week we have a ‘special guest’ called Paul Lacey from Dickie Birds to discuss the always relevant subject of pricing, and more specifically do better paying clients mean ‘better’ clients?

We all know that the answer is, annoyingly, sometimes, it all depends and maybe! Ha! There’s no guarantee that, just because someone has deep pockets, they are going to fun to work with.

Sometimes the fact that a client is paying more for your WordPress products and services means that you have more ‘bandwidth’ to absorb the many problems that arise during your website build, but equally, clients that have very tight budgets can be very demanding of your time and have expectations far above what their wallet will realistically allow!

Is a ‘better’ client someone who pays you what you want and then leaves you to it? Is it someone who pays you top dollar and then can ask whatever they want? Is it someone who pays you less but is completely open to whatever you suggest is the best way to complete the WordPress website? We don’t know, but we do have a good old go at trying to work it out!

Is there a way that you can filter out the clients that are going to be trouble before you get to that stage? There are a lot of people claiming that you can set up processes to ensure that you have a fighting chance of only working with people who are going to respect your process and work within the limitations of what you can deliver. We talk around this subject too.

Paul is very good at explaining his thoughts on this subject so it makes for a really great podcast. Thanks Paul.

Personally, I’m liking the new simpler format and I hope that you do to. Enjoy this episode.

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