33 – Getting content from your client with James Rose

33 – Getting content from your client with James Rose

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In this episode of the WP Builds podcast we have a slightly different take from the usual WP related content, because this week, we’re talking to James Rose form Content Snare, which has no connection to WordPress at all! However, fear not, all is not lost because this has a great deal to do with your web design and development business.

I don’t know about you, but one of the things that I really dislike is getting to client to send me their content. Whether that is images, video, text… whatever, it always goes really badly. I’ve never managed to work out a system that really tackles the issue of getting the content that I need for the web site. I’ve used Dropbox, Google Drive, ‘email tennis’; this list could go on for ages.

In the end, gathering content is a pain and often need manual intervention from me, even though I have explained the process a thousand times. It just never works out.

Well James Rose and his team have come up with a SAAS solution which aims to take that pain away. It’s called Content Snare and it’s pretty cool.

Content Snare allows you to create complex forms which gather up and store the content that you require from the client. It allows you to demonstrate the purpose of that content to the client, and how it might look on the finished web site. No more 20 x 20px hero images! You can manually approve each field so that both you and the client are aware of where you’re at, and the client is able to understand why you did not start their project yet, because, erm… they only supplied 20% of what you need.

He’s a really fun guy and his software is well worth a look, if this is something that you’ve ever had to deal with before.

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