32 – Tom Usborne from GeneratePress

This is an episode that I really wanted to do. GeneratePress is a WordPress theme that I’ve been using for quite a while now, and it’s my theme of choice. The options that it presents are powerful and yet the theme itself if very lightweight. Hooks galore, tasteful defaults, in short a great WordPress theme.

Well all of this goodness is the work of one man – Tom Usborne. Having been working on GeneratePress for many years, it came as quite a shock to me that this is the first podcast that he’s ever done, but you’d never know because he comes across as a seasoned pro!

Get Generate Press

We talk about how he came to create the theme, how it has evolved over time and how Tom makes his work fit around his life and family. You’ll come away feeling that he certainly deserves all the success that he’s currently experiencing.

If you’ve not used the theme before I would urge you to give it a try. There is a free WordPress repo version here:

Seriously, look at the number of stars that this has got. You simply cannot argue with that!

If you fancy the great updates for the Premium version, you can go here:
and grab them for a really reasonable price.

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