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145 – Should we use templates more?

Should we use templates more? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Times have changed… It used to be that creating websites was really tedious. It took hours to get anything to go where you wanted it. Along came WordPress themes and life got a little easier, well sometimes, and then we got Page Builders with their rows and modules. Now you can get templates for just about anything and can have sites built in a matter of hours, but should we do it this way? Should we be using other people’s templates or should we be doing all this from the group up? Perhaps there is a middle way? Tweaking what you find so that the internet does not all look the same! Join us to find out what we think…

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137 – Make your WordPress website load faster with Jan Koch

Make your WordPress website load faster with Jan Koch - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Today we learn about how how to make your WordPress website load as fast as possible. On the face of it, this is easy to do, but there’s quite a lot going on when a website loads, and so there are many steps that you need to take a look at if you want to squeeze every ounce of speed out of it. Jan Koch talks us through the work that he’s done trying to do all of that. There’s likely some new content in here even if you’re a seasoned optimiser, so stay tuned and I hope that you enjoy this episode.

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134 – What makes us trust WordPress software developers?

What makes us trust WordPress software developers? - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

In this weeks episode of the WP Builds podcast we talk about the range of things that we consider when we buy a plugin or theme from a WordPress developer. It’s clear that you need some level of trust in the product that is on offer, but how deep should that trust run? What are the things that you might want to be on the lookout for to establish some sort of trust score to make you feel confident in the purchase. Some of these are obvious and some are quite unexpected. Join us to find out…

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123 – Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona

123 - Creating WordPress courses with Joe Casabona - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Joe has been in the WordPress space for years and years. Working as a freelancer at the start, then as a member of a large agency. All of that is now behind him and he’s got a whole heap of different things that he’s doing. He’s a podcaster, a creator of videos for himself and for third parties, but perhaps most importantly he’s a creator of online courses in the WordPress space. If you want to find out why he’s so successful then listen to this episode…

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120 – Have you got WordPress plugin fatigue?

Have you got WordPress plugin fatigue - WP Builds WordPress podcast

If you’re a WordPress user then you’ve used heaps of plugins in the past. They enable WordPress to do anything don’t they? That’s WordPress’ greatest strength and it’s largest curse! There are so many to choose from, and all that choice leads to plugin fatigue. You never quite know if the plugin that you’re using is ‘the best’ and so you’re constantly on the look out for a newer, shinier plugin. The problem is that this cycle does not have an end…

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110 – A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice

110 - A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice

Today we have not one but two people on the podcast. Baptiste Debever and Francois Forest are WordPress plugin and theme developers based in France. During this podcast we discuss two of their products, a WordPress theme called WOffice and a SaaS app called Feedier. They both do completely different things, one is a WordPress intranet and the other is a feedback SaaS app… so let’s get started…

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