36 – Marketing Funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen

Whatever I do on the internet these days, I seem to be being followed about by Mike Killen, the guest for this week. I see his face everywhere, posting here, in a sponsored post there, I cannot get away from him. The reason for this is that a) he’s really got an understanding how how to be on my radar with his products and services b) he’s just so damn handsome, so I cannot miss him when he does appear.

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Seriously, Mike knows really well how to get people that you don’t know to engage with your products and services. He does this with funnels. Now funnels to me are those tiny plastic cones that you got in class to pour chemicals from this jar in to that other jar… but to Mike, funnels are complex processes and systems that he designs all day long to slowly but surely guide leads from strangers into trusted customers.

Turns out that the complexity of it is not so complex after all, and Mike does his best to explain how funnels work, why we should use them and why WordPress is the best way that there is to glue the whole thing together.

Mike is the owner of sellyourservice.co.uk and a coach at WP Elevation. He’s a great guy to listen to and if this whole funnel thing scares you, then take a listen to this episode and calm yourself down!

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Bonus  –  We get to hear Nathan on his holiday in Dorset. The excitement is so intense David forgets to add the intro music!

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1. It’s time to look at CSS grids:
goo.gl/1XSvJk  (Morten Rand-Hendriksen  Speaking at 2017 WordCamp in Europe)

goo.gl/2t8czC  (Rachel Andrew on YouTube)

2. Flash – RIP 2000 – 2020

3. Wix for developers?

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WP Builds WordPress Podcast



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