176 – Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast - 176 - Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

Today, the podcast about whether we should make use of lifetime deals or be happy to pay a recurring subscription for our WordPress plugins. We shall be mostly looking from the perspective of WordPress implementers. Folks like us who have clients who rely on us, who rely on developers to keep our site running smoothly… and to an extent move with the times. There’s quite a few arguments in favour of both, which is quite surprising! It’s not all about saving money and although it’s great to get a good deal upfront, does this offer the developer of the plugin the financial security and motivation to keep development up to date and bug free? Anyway, lots to talk about so go have a listen.

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134 – What makes us trust WordPress software developers?

What makes us trust WordPress software developers? - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

In this weeks episode of the WP Builds podcast we talk about the range of things that we consider when we buy a plugin or theme from a WordPress developer. It’s clear that you need some level of trust in the product that is on offer, but how deep should that trust run? What are the things that you might want to be on the lookout for to establish some sort of trust score to make you feel confident in the purchase. Some of these are obvious and some are quite unexpected. Join us to find out…

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76 – How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar

76 - How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar

In this episode we get to chat to Sujay Pawar, somewhat of a rising star of the WordPress world. I think that it’s quite likely that you’ve heard of some of the products that his company (Brainstorm Force) have created over the years. Shall I just list them out for you, so that you can say, “Yes, I’ve heard of those,” at the end? The Astra Theme, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio and actually there were a few more along the way too! There, I told you that you’d heard of them! Is that enough for you!? Listen to the episode to find out more.

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36 – Marketing Funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen

Marketing funnels and WordPress with Mike Killen

Whatever I do on the internet these days, I seem to be being followed about by Mike Killen, the guest for this week. I see his face everywhere, posting here, in a sponsored post there, I cannot get away from him. The reason for this is that a) he’s really got an understanding how how to be on my radar with his products and services b) he’s just so damn handsome, so I cannot miss him when he does appear.

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30 – Jack McConnell from Made with Fuel

Episode-30-Jack McConnell-Made with Fuel

Today we have the hugely talented, young and successful Jack McConnell from Made with Fuel on the show.

Made with Fuel is one-man WordPress web design and development agency based in Bath in the UK that focus on Websites, Online Stores and Membership Sites.

He also makes plugins like Better Notifications for WordPress among others. In this episode he shares his experience of that.

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4 – Web developers from hell

Web developers from hell

In episode 4 of the WP Builds podcast, David Waumsley and Nathan Wrigley discuss the role of the web developer and how we can sometimes be a thorn in the side of clients.
We know that dealing with clients can be painful, but what about us? Do we always do the right thing by our clients?

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