76 – How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar

In this episode:

Discussion – Backups – what’s all the fuss about? – [3:14]

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Interview – How to build and manage a successful plugin business with Sujay Pawar – [25:50]

Ending Fact – How many WordPress comments are there out there? – [56:00]

In this episode we get to chat to Sujay Pawar, somewhat of a rising star of the WordPress world.

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I think that it’s quite likely that you’ve heard of some of the products that his company (Brainstorm Force) have created over the years. Shall I just list them out for you, so that you can say, “Yes, I’ve heard of those,” at the end?

The Astra Theme, Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder, Ultimate Addons for Elementor, Convert Pro, Schema Pro, WP Portfolio and actually there were a few more along the way too! There, I told you that you’d heard of them! Is that enough for you!?

They’ve been developing for the web for many years and started out doing things not entirely focussing on WordPress. They changed direction a few years back and now 100% of their energy is directed at making WordPress a better and easier place.

It’s a great story hearing how they’ve adapted over time and modified their business to accomodate new developments on the web. It’s also a story about growing a team and making sure that you don’t put growth ahead of all other things. The word ‘stability’ comes to mind when I listened back to this episode; a team that has been around for a while, a team that is growing and a team that are making great products with an eye on the future.

I’m a user of most of their plugins, we use Convert Pro on this site and I’ve used The Astra Theme a bunch of times too. Their starter sites are a great one-click way to get a site up and running, giving you some ideas so that you can start making it your own really fast.

As mentioned in the podcast, Sujay was kind enough to offer you WP Builds listeners a 15% discount on their entire suite of products, so click over to the WP Builds Deals Page and go redeem your 15%. Thanks Sujay!

I hope that you enjoy this episode and we’d always appreciate it if you were able to share the podcast and leave a review here and there!


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