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153 – Losing clients before you even get them

Losing clients before you even get them - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This is a little mini-series based upon the book ‘Watertight Marketing’ by Bryony Thomas. This is about that time in the client / project lifecycle when they (the client) have made some kind of commitment to use your products or services, they might even have signed a contract, but you’ve not delivered anything yet. It’s a time when they can still ‘get away’ from you. Yes, you might have a contract in place whereby you can insist that they are obliged to give you this or that, but honestly, have you ever enforced this, or is it better to just let them walk away and save yourself the legal fees and headache of trying to get them to pay up what they owe you? David calls this ‘The Welcome Window’. You think that you have them as a client, but it’s still possible for things to go wrong…

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151 – Are we leaking clients?

151 - Are we leaking clients? - The WP Builds WordPress podcast

This episode is really about keeping the WordPress clients that you already have. What’s the old phrase? Don’t leave money on the table? Well, that’s certainly the case for many of us. This is another episode in our mini series and it’s all about trying to get as much value from and to the clients that you already have. Perhaps you build sites and then just move on not making use of the rapport and connections that you’ve made. Surely though, our existing clients are the ones that know us and what we do best. They have trust in you and what you’re able to offer. So today we explore what we’ve done to foster these client relationships and David has some great ideas about what he’s doing with his own agency. Well worth a listen…

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149 – Marketing funnels don’t exist!

Marketing funnels don’t exist! - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

This discussion is about marketing, and it has a very click-bait title! It’s probably safe to say that we are not experts in marketing and certainly not marketing funnels. Nevertheless we thought we would chat about this and why we might need to get better a digital marketing for ourselves and clients and where WordPress could help with that. What’s different about this discussion is that really is an introduction to a series of discussions we will have based on a book called Watertight Marketing by Bryony Thomas. Listen to this episode to find out more…

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133 – Helping coders run successful businesses with Hahna Kane Latonick

Helping coders run successful businesses with Hahna Kane Latonick - WP Builds WordPress Podcast

In this episode of the WP Builds WordPress podcast we chat to Hahna Kane Latonick. She has a background as a software engineer but decided some time ago that what she really wanted to do was to help coders and developers to run their businesses more successfully. We all know that running a business is not the same thing as being a great developer and so Hahna is here to give you the guidance and support that you might need to both at the same time.

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122 – Is our marketing all wrong?

Is our marketing all wrong? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

When you sell your WordPress websites to your clients, do you push the logical or the emotional? Do you talk about technical details or how easy and beautiful it will be? It’s so easy to go down the route of the technical details, the SEO and caching that you’ll put in place – this will all be good, but maybe your clients want to hear about cool it’s going to look and how it’s going to make people stop and marvel at the design. David has a problem and we try to solve it…

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121 – Automate your social postings using Social Web Suite with Tina Todorovic

Automate your social postings using Social Web Suite with Tina Todorovic - WordPress podcast

Do you post your content to multiple social platforms? If you do, I’m almost certain that this task is a little bit on the dull side. Is it isn’t it? It takes time and is repetitive. Social Web Suite is a WordPress plugin that hooks into your social media accounts just waiting for your to publish something. As soon as you do, it gets to work making the social media posting nightmare evaporate – it does it all for you. Check it out.

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119 – Using Groundhogg to self host your email marketing with Adrian Tobey

Using Groundhogg to self host your email marketing with Adrian Tobey - WP Builds

Email marketing is usually the domain of expensive SaaS apps. Well, not any more. With the Groundhogg WordPress plugin you can automate all-the-things from inside your website! It’s got lots of customisation options and works with a visual builder, just like the services that you’re currently using. Adrian comes on to tell us about how it all got started and how the plugin works and what scenarios it might be useful for…

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112 – How to do SEO right with Phil Singleton

How to do SEO right with Phil Singleton - WP Builds

Phil Singleton is one of those guys who seems to do 15 things all at once, and doing them really well. His background, like many of us is not web design and development. He started in finance and insurance and hated it. Now he’s an SEO specialist with a projects under his belt. We chat about the fact that SEO has changed over the years and what strategies you can employ with your WordPress website clients to ensure that their sites rank well, as well as being able to pitch SEO as one of your services.

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