46 – Being awesome with WordPress without coding with Kim Doyal

46 – Being awesome with WordPress without coding with Kim Doyal

Today we have Kim Doyal, aka The WordPress Chick, on the podcast. I don’t think that it’s entirely possible that you’ve not heard of her before if you’ve been in the WordPress space for any length of time! She a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm and has been pushing put content at a breathtaking rate day after day, year after year.

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She can be found over at https://thewpchick.com/, but beware because that site might never let you go. There’s so many great ideas and tips in there if you’re into marketing.

She’s not your typical WordPress personality though because she does not get tied up in coding and functions.php files and all that jazz. In fact she wears this as a badge of honour and concentrates upon the content creation and marketing side of WordPress instead. I wise move for someone with her insights and abilities!

Not content with emailing her followers every-single-day (phew, that’s a tough one to keep up) she’s about to launch a new SaaS service called Lead Surveys – https://leadsurveys.io/ – which she’s hoping is going to change the way that we gather information about our customers. Very cool!

Does she ever sleep, no! Is she great, YES!

Listen and enjoy!

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