47 – Taking online payments, simply, with Phil Derksen from WP Simple Pay

47 – Taking online payments, simply, with Phil Derksen from WP Simple Pay

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If you’ve been using the internet lately (ha!), you’ll know that people use it to buy and sell things! Wow, amazing! Turns out that taking payments online is a seriously difficult thing to do, difficult that is to write the secure code that will ensure that transactions processed properly.

So along come a bunch of companies who make it their mission to make the process of taking payments online easy for people like you and me. Some fail (cough… P*yP*l), and some succeed and get the credit they deserve.

Stripe is a payment gateway that deserve their success, and whilst their solution is really easy to implement, it’s still tricky for non-technical people to understand how it works and what they need to do to get it all setup and working.

Some people need a eCommerce platform with a cart, others just want to take Stripe payments with simple transactions, and that’s where WP Simple Pay comes in.

Phil has built a WordPress plugin that allows you to really easily get up and running for Stripe payments. Get your Stripe API keys, use the simple form builder to customise what fields you want to display and you put the form on your site. Done!

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Keep track of your payments in the Stripe dashboard. Simple, lightweight, very cool.

Have a listen to Phil and hear how he built it, what it does, what it will do, and if it’s right for your next project.

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