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300 – Rethink what WooCommerce Subscriptions can do with the Subscription Force plugin

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #300
It's no secret that the world is adopting the model of subscription pricing. If you're my age, then you remember a time when almost nothing was based upon subscriptions. The technology simply made it impractical; there were no credit cards, the internet did not exist, and you just didn't see examples around you. Fast forward (a few decades!), and now they're everywhere. The banking / payments systems have all been built to make this trivial to set up and deploy to the entire world over the internet. WooCommerce has a plugin called WooCommerce Subscriptions which will allow you to get started, but it's limited in what it can do. Enter Subscription Force, a new WordPress plugin which will put your subscriptions on a different level. You can do so much with this, truly. Today we interview Marius Vetrici and Andrei Haret, who are behind Subscription Force to hear what it's all about and how it works.

272 – Sell digital products with Lemon Squeezy

Sell digital products with Lemon Squeezy - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #272
On the podcast today we have JR Farr and Gilbert Pellegrom from a new platform called Lemon Squeezy. Lemon Squeezy is a SaaS based platform with a WordPress integration. Which enables you to sell digital products online? So things like PDFs, eBooks, software licensing... anything you can think of really. If it's possible to package it up and sell it directly on your website, Lemon Squeezy is here to help with that. It makes running a digital products business easier by taking away some of the boring tasks. Check out the podcast...

258 – Tired of WooCommerce? Try North Commerce

Tired of WooCommerce? Try North Commerce - WP Builds Podcast #255
You use WooCommerce, because you need an eCommerce platform and you like WordPress. It's kind of the default isn't it? WordPress + eCommerce = WooCommerce. Well, on the show today we have Kelly Muro, who want you to rewrite that equation so that it reads like this: WordPress + eCommerce = North Commerce! But, I'm guessing that you've not heard of North Commerce. Well, neither had I until a few weeks ago when it came across my radar, and so I thought that I'd put it on your radar too. You can thank me later! So North Commerce is intended to be a full replacement for WooCommerce, with all the basic bells and whistles covered, but that kind of platform does not get built overnight, and so, as of right now, North Commerce is still in alpha / beta testing, so it might be a great time to hop on board and get your voice heard. You never know, you might even be able to influence the way that the platform is built out? So if you're looking for WooCommerce alternatives, this is a interesting chat, about a (possibly) disruptive product, and certainly worth a listen...

231 – One-click checkout in WooCommerce with PeachPay

One-click checkout in WooCommerce with PeachPay - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #231
PeachPay is a new 1-click-checkout option for your WooCommerce store. It aims to remove some of the friction of getting people to click the 'buy now' button by removing multiple steps for people who've used PeachPay before. We talk about how it works, debunk some myths, and discuss why you might want to think about add this to your WooCommerce website. If you build eCommerce websites for clients, you need to know about this solution and how it could improve their sales. Go listen...

218 – ‘E’ is for eCommerce

'E' is for eCommerce - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #218
It’s another of our chats in the series called the 'A-Z of WordPress', where we attempt to cover all the major aspects to building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is 'E' for... Ecommerce. There's just so much to say here because WordPress and Ecommerce are growing at a phenomenal rate. With so much activity, you'd think that there might be a 'best' way to build an online shop. But as is so often the case with WordPress, there's multiple ways to achieve the same goal. So today on the podcast we talk about our experiences with WordPress as well as surface some of the plugins and themes that we've come across over the years to make your WordPress / WooCommerce shop a reality. Go check it out...

215 – Checkout CheckoutWC for a customised WooCommerce experience

Checkout CheckoutWC for a customised WooCommerce experience - The WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #215
So if you're a user of WooCommerce, then the podcast today will be of interest to you. It's all about creating the best checkout experience to increase conversions with the CheckoutWC plugin. The checkout process of WooCommerce 'out-of-the-box' is okay, but it's not all that great. Yes, it works, but you know that you've seen better workflows; better ways of guiding you through the final stages of your purchase. The guest on the show today, Clifton Griffin, has been working for the last two years at getting the WooCommerce cart experience as painless as possible with his CheckoutWC plugin. Check it out on the podcast today...

205 – Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison

Flipping websites with Blake Hutchison - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #205
Flipping domains can be a profitable business and today on the WP Builds WordPress podcast we're going to be hearing about how and why you might want to look into doing it. There's more than you might think! In it's simplest form, flipping is the process of buying (or selling) a domain. In the real world businesses are bought and sold all the time, there's nothing unusual about it at all, but buying a current domain can be a little harder, and Flippa is a platform that's designed to take all of that difficulty away! Whether that's the job of locating a website / domain / app (and more) that you might want to buy, to actually taking care of all the minutiae of getting the deal done. Blake Hutchison is here to explain how it all works. Go check it out...

180 – WooCommerce v other options

180 - WooCommerce v other options - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast
I don't do eCommerce! So when David suggested that we carry about a debate about WooCommerce v's other options, it was pretty clear which side of the fence I was going to defending! The opening of the podcast is about whether or not you should be involved with eCommerce at all. Yes, I know that lots of your clients want it, and there's decent money to be had from building such sites, but there's also the strain and stress that eCommerce websites bring that no others do. Upgrades can be problematic, restoring from a backup after something goes wrong, with orders still coming in is a nightmare, and it's likely the only kind of website that you're going to build which your clients are going to poking about in every single day - they break things and then, well, you know who they turn to for help! So just don't do eCommerce... period! David diagrees, so I ought to let him have his say too, so listen to the podcast to find out wht he thinks...

103 – Adam Preiser talks about making eCommerce easy with CartFlows

103 - Adam Preiser talks about making eCommerce easy with CartFlows
This week on the podcast we have a man that I have no doubt that you've seen before? He's got a very popular YouTube channel called WP Crafter. It's a channel in which Adam creates videos explaining how WordPress plugins and themes work. It's really popular, like really popular. Okay so that's why you've heard of him, but it's not why he's on the podcast today. The reason that he's on is because of a new and interesting plugin that he's selling called CartFlows which is going to change the way that you do eCommerce. Find out more...

50 – Getting more sales with Chris Mason from WooCurve

Getting more sales with Chris Mason from WooCurve
This week we chat to Chris Mason, the founder of a few plugins which extend WooCommerce. Making sales on the internet can be hard, and it’s made more difficult if the checkout process is not optimised as much as possible. If you run a WooCommerce store then you’ll know that the checkout process, whilst perfectly okay, doesn't really allow you to upsell items. Well, WooCurve aims to make that a reality.

47 – Taking online payments, simply, with Phil Derksen from WP Simple Pay

Taking online payments, simply, with Phil Derksen from WP Simple Pay
If you’ve been using the internet lately (ha!), you’ll know that people use it to buy and sell things! Wow, amazing! Turns out that taking payments online is a seriously difficult thing to do, difficult that is to write the secure code that will ensure that transactions processed properly. Phil has built a WordPress plugin that allows you to really easily get up and running with Stripe payments.

31 – What the heck are WooCommerce doing?

What the heck are WooCommerce going?
Today we had a carefully considered and mature debate about the removal of the 50% yearly discount on Woocommerce extensions. We also recorded today's podcast which ... erm... is not entirely like that. LISTENER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. That’s not because we use rude words… Nah, it's simply that no-one can resist a warning and we don't have an interesting guest for you this week.

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