31 – What the heck are WooCommerce doing?

31 – What the heck are WooCommerce doing?

Today we had a carefully considered and mature debate about the removal of the 50% yearly discount on Woocommerce extensions.

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We also recorded today’s podcast which … erm… is not entirely like that.


That’s not because we use rude words… not because we get all passionate and ranty… not even because we’ve probably insulted every honest hard-working plugin developers out there.

Nah, it’s simply that no-one can resist a warning and we don’t have an interesting guest for you this week.

A special thanks (with glitter, unicorns and stuff like that) must go out to all our friends over on the WP Builds Facebook group. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, sense of betrayal, fear for the future and insights on this topic.

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It genuinely is a delight to have the support of passionate and thoughtful WordPress users. But as beggars can’t be choosers… you folks will do…!

Oh yeah, and David gets sacked from the podcast live on the show.

In the news:

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WPShout Updates and Acquires WPHierarchy.com


Why nginx is WordPress best friend


Nathan Wrigley

Nathan Wrigley

Nathan writes posts and creates audio about WordPress on WP Builds. He can also be found in the WP Builds Facebook group.

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