300 – Rethink what WooCommerce Subscriptions can do with the Subscription Force plugin

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #300

It’s no secret that the world is adopting the model of subscription pricing. If you’re my age, then you remember a time when almost nothing was based upon subscriptions. The technology simply made it impractical; there were no credit cards, the internet did not exist, and you just didn’t see examples around you. Fast forward (a few decades!), and now they’re everywhere. The banking / payments systems have all been built to make this trivial to set up and deploy to the entire world over the internet. WooCommerce has a plugin called WooCommerce Subscriptions which will allow you to get started, but it’s limited in what it can do. Enter Subscription Force, a new WordPress plugin which will put your subscriptions on a different level. You can do so much with this, truly. Today we interview Marius Vetrici and Andrei Haret, who are behind Subscription Force to hear what it’s all about and how it works.

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258 – Tired of WooCommerce? Try North Commerce

Tired of WooCommerce? Try North Commerce - WP Builds Podcast #255

You use WooCommerce, because you need an eCommerce platform and you like WordPress. It’s kind of the default isn’t it? WordPress + eCommerce = WooCommerce. Well, on the show today we have Kelly Muro, who want you to rewrite that equation so that it reads like this: WordPress + eCommerce = North Commerce! But, I’m guessing that you’ve not heard of North Commerce. Well, neither had I until a few weeks ago when it came across my radar, and so I thought that I’d put it on your radar too. You can thank me later! So North Commerce is intended to be a full replacement for WooCommerce, with all the basic bells and whistles covered, but that kind of platform does not get built overnight, and so, as of right now, North Commerce is still in alpha / beta testing, so it might be a great time to hop on board and get your voice heard. You never know, you might even be able to influence the way that the platform is built out? So if you’re looking for WooCommerce alternatives, this is a interesting chat, about a (possibly) disruptive product, and certainly worth a listen…

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