231 – One-click checkout in WooCommerce with PeachPay

One-click checkout in WooCommerce with PeachPay - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #231

PeachPay is a new 1-click-checkout option for your WooCommerce store. It aims to remove some of the friction of getting people to click the ‘buy now’ button by removing multiple steps for people who’ve used PeachPay before. We talk about how it works, debunk some myths, and discuss why you might want to think about add this to your WooCommerce website. If you build eCommerce websites for clients, you need to know about this solution and how it could improve their sales. Go listen…

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229 – Creating Custom Sales Funnels For WooCommerce with LaunchFlows

Creating Custom Sales Funnels For WooCommerce with LaunchFlows - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #229

In today’s world there is no difference between “digital” and “physical” products insofar as the transactional engine of your website is concerned. While it may have been true in the past that certain products like EDD were focused on capabilities for those who sell digitally licensed subscription software, that is no longer a factor, as the capability exists for WooCommerce to do everything. Since WooCommerce is one of the most popular plugins in the entire WordPress ecosystem, why “wouldn’t” anyone use it for all purposes? And that’s what the podcast is about today, a plugin called LaunchFlows which will help you supercharge your WooCommerce store. Go listen…

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218 – ‘E’ is for eCommerce

'E' is for eCommerce - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #218

It’s another of our chats in the series called the ‘A-Z of WordPress’, where we attempt to cover all the major aspects to building and maintaining sites with WP. Today is ‘E’ for… Ecommerce. There’s just so much to say here because WordPress and Ecommerce are growing at a phenomenal rate. With so much activity, you’d think that there might be a ‘best’ way to build an online shop. But as is so often the case with WordPress, there’s multiple ways to achieve the same goal. So today on the podcast we talk about our experiences with WordPress as well as surface some of the plugins and themes that we’ve come across over the years to make your WordPress / WooCommerce shop a reality. Go check it out…

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215 – Checkout CheckoutWC for a customised WooCommerce experience

Checkout CheckoutWC for a customised WooCommerce experience - The WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #215

So if you’re a user of WooCommerce, then the podcast today will be of interest to you. It’s all about creating the best checkout experience to increase conversions with the CheckoutWC plugin. The checkout process of WooCommerce ‘out-of-the-box’ is okay, but it’s not all that great. Yes, it works, but you know that you’ve seen better workflows; better ways of guiding you through the final stages of your purchase. The guest on the show today, Clifton Griffin, has been working for the last two years at getting the WooCommerce cart experience as painless as possible with his CheckoutWC plugin. Check it out on the podcast today…

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210 – ‘A’ is for Appointments

'A' is for Appointments - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #210

So this is a new series called the ‘A-Z of WordPress’ in which David and Nathan discuss a topic starting with the next letter of the alphabet. To kick us off, it’s A is for Appointments. WordPress works as a great platform for allowing bookings and appointments. There’s heaps of plugins which will allow you or your clients to sync their calendar, take payments etc. What are those plugins and are they superior to SaaS alternatives? Perhaps you want to integrate an appointment system into your WordPress website, or maybe you want to pay a company to take this process over for you. There’s lots to talk about so join David and Nathan on this new series. Go check out the podcast…

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