198 – Value pricing v fixed rate

Value pricing v fixed rate - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #198

This debate will never die, but we keep hearing more about it each year. The traditional model is to charge your client a fee that is made clear on your website. You charge a fixed fee for the services that your provide. But now we’ve got value pricing which says charge the client based upon the value that you bring to their business. More profit for you. But is this easy to pull off, or does it feel like deception from the client’s point of view. One model is simple, the other takes more thought, but offers higher rewards (if you can find the clients). Find out what we think about this debate in the WP Builds Podcast today…

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176 – Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast - 176 - Lifetime Deals v Subscriptions

Today, the podcast about whether we should make use of lifetime deals or be happy to pay a recurring subscription for our WordPress plugins. We shall be mostly looking from the perspective of WordPress implementers. Folks like us who have clients who rely on us, who rely on developers to keep our site running smoothly… and to an extent move with the times. There’s quite a few arguments in favour of both, which is quite surprising! It’s not all about saving money and although it’s great to get a good deal upfront, does this offer the developer of the plugin the financial security and motivation to keep development up to date and bug free? Anyway, lots to talk about so go have a listen.

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124 – How do we put our prices up?

How do we put our prices up? - WP Builds WordPress podcast

In this episode David and I talk about the subject of pricing and in particular the thorny subject of putting prices up. We get started with a chat about what systems we use to actually receive payments from clients, PayPal, Stripe and good old fashioned bank transfers. We then move on to discuss what we’ve done in the past to up our rates. It turns out that maybe we need your help with this as there are so many areas where we’re not sure what to do…

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118 – We know nothing about website pricing

We know nothing about website pricing - WP Builds WordPress podcast

There are so many ways you can get paid for building WordPress websites, and if you’ve been in this industry for any length of time, then you’ve perhaps tried a few out? Do you charge on-off fees or use a model which judges the value that you add to the client’s business? Perhaps you perfer to work on the basis that the website is an ongoing cost and the recurring revenue is really where you should be getting paid? We have no idea which is best, but it’s fun chatting it all though…

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31 – What the heck are WooCommerce doing?

What the heck are WooCommerce going?

Today we had a carefully considered and mature debate about the removal of the 50% yearly discount on Woocommerce extensions. We also recorded today’s podcast which … erm… is not entirely like that. LISTENER DISCRETION IS STRONGLY ADVISED. That’s not because we use rude words… Nah, it’s simply that no-one can resist a warning and we don’t have an interesting guest for you this week.

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23 – The price of using WordPress

The cost of using WordPress

Today we talked about the price of using WordPress. No, it’s not a long sob story about how the wife and kid left us! Those trailer park days are behind us now!
The topic came out of a Facebook discussion around a plugin release. It got us thinking about our expectations as “professional” builders of websites.

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