103 – Adam Preiser talks about making eCommerce easy with CartFlows

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Interview – Adam Preiser talks about making eCommerce easy with CartFlows

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With – Nathan Wrigley

This week on the podcast we have a man that I have no doubt that you’ve seen before? He’s got a very popular YouTube channel called WP Crafter. It’s a channel in which Adam creates videos explaining how WordPress plugins and themes work. It’s really popular, like really popular.

Okay so that’s why you’ve heard of him, but it’s not why he’s on the podcast today. The reason that he’s on is because of a new and interesting plugin that he’s selling called CartFlows.

You’ve likely used WooCommerce to sell your products and services from your website. Perhaps you’ve used WooCommerce to build sites for your clients so that they can sell their stuff. We all know about WooCommerce and how it’s the most popular shopping cart in the world (that’s quite amazing, right). What we might also know is that WooCommerce is a platform that’s great if you have a whole array of things to sell with different configurations. Maybe you need to allow your customers to add things to a cart and keep adding things. WooCommerce is great at that.

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CartFlows brings something different to the table. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows you to bring some sorely needed marketing chops to bear on the whole online purchasing experience. With the plugin, you’re going to be able to create products in Woo, and then sell them with CartFlows. “But, why would I want to do that?” I hear you shout. I’ll tell you why… so that you can convert more of your website visitors into customers, get more sales from the exact same amount of traffic.

CartFlows will allow you to create sales funnels (called flows in this case) so that a sale can lead to a bespoke cart page with an order bump. You bought this shirt, what about this jacket to go with that?

You can also do downsells if the upsells don’t work. In short you can create simple or complex flows through the shopping cart process so that people are guided where you want them to go next, not just to the checkout, never to be seen again.

The best part though is that CartFlows offers all of this with a point and click interface. All of the steps in the flow are created for you and linked together, so that this page’s buttons link to the next point in the flow. If you use the simple drag-and-drop UI to re-order the steps, you don’t have to worry, all the links are updated for you without you having to do a thing.

I said that that was the best part, I lied! This is the best part. It comes bundled with all of the templates that you need to get you started, upsell templates, downsell templates, checkout page templates, thank you page templates, and they’re really rather nice looking too. And fear not about having to customise all these templates because you’re going to be able to customise them with your favourite Page Builder. That’s right, the pages in the flow are all created with Elementor, with Beaver Builder, Divi and Brizy just a few weeks away from launch. So if you want to alter anything that the template brings, click edit, move your mouse a bit, add some padding, upload a new image and you’re done. Very nice implementation indeed!

It’s hard to explain all of this in words though isn’t it? I expect that you’d like to see it in action, see how it all works and behaves? Well, it’s funny that you say that because Adam and I only did a webinar the other day for just that reason. You can find it here and see CartFlows is all of it’s detailed glory:
CartFlows webinar replay

The plugin is in the very first stages of being released and as such is offering early bird pricing. You can currently get a lifetime license for up to 50 sites for $574, but ONLY if you use the coupon code “WPBUILD” at the checkout! See, a special code just for us. I’m not sure that you’re going to find this anywhere else?

I don’t know how long the code will last, but it’s working on the day that this podcast went live, so try it out.

Lovely chat with Adam. I hope that you enjoy it.

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