WP Builds Newsletter #39 – WordPress 5.0 beta 5, GDPR plugin hack and comments in Google SERPs

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 12th November 2018:

WordPress 5.0 Beta 5
"Reminder: the WordPress 5.0 release date has changed. It is now scheduled for release on November 27, and we need your help to get there. Here are some of the big issues that we’ve fixed since Beta 4…"

WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 Adds Permalink Editing to the Document Sidebar
"WordPress 5.0 Beta 5 is available for testing and includes all of the block editor changes that are in Gutenberg 4.4. One of the major changes in this release is the addition of a Permalink panel that is in the Document sidebar…"

GoDaddy Pro

Gutenberg is Coming to WordPress’ Mobile Apps, Beta Version Expected February 2019
"The team working on integrating Gutenberg into WordPress’ mobile apps is making progress, but users will not have access to the new editor in the apps until early 2019. Jorge Bernal, a mobile engineer at Automattic, posted an update yesterday, highlighting current capabilities…"

Full Gutenberg Compatibility Coming Soon to Automattic’s Free Themes on WordPress.org, Including Storefront for WooCommerce
"If your site is hosted on WordPress.com and you are trying out the new Gutenberg editor, there are currently 24 themes with full Gutenberg support available and more on the way. In response to questions about how to find Gutenberg themes on WordPress.com, Automattic’s Theme Team has given an update about the status of the .com themes, as well as the company’s free themes on WordPress.org…"

WordPress Accessibility Team to Host Hackathon with Deque Systems at WordCamp US 2018
"WordPress’ Accessibility team will be hosting a hackathon at Contributor Day on Sunday, December 9, at WordCamp US in Nashville. The team will be joined by lead developers from Deque Systems, a widely respected accessibility firm in the industry, with the goal of setting up automated accessibility testing for WordPress core…"

WP GDPR Compliance Plugin Patches Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
"At the end of last week, a plugin called WP GDPR Compliance sent out a security update for a privilege escalation vulnerability that was reported to the WordPress Plugin Directory team on November 6. The plugin was temporarily removed and then reinstated after the issues were patched within 24 hours by its creators, Van Ons, a WordPress development shop based in Amsterdam…"

How WordPress Has Changed People’s Lives
"It’s Friday and we could probably all use a little more positivity in our lives, especially on social media. Morten Rand-Hendriksen recently asked his followers on Twitter how WordPress has changed their lives. Here are a couple of the responses that stood out to me…"

Elementor – Introducing Finder: The Easiest Way to Switch Between Pages
"Check out Elementor's brand new Finder, a search bar that offers easy navigation between different pages & dashboard settings. Read what it's all about, how it works and why it matters…"

Toolset’s Plans for WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg
"Right now, Gutenberg is somewhere between an editor and a page builder. It allows for more than writing plain text, but it doesn’t yet offer a rich design experience. We’re hoping (and betting) that in the next few months, this will change. Gutenberg will continue development and offer more control over the entire site. WordPress and plugins will offer greater design richness. For this to happen, many more people in the WordPress ecosystem will go deep into React and will be able to enrich Gutenberg (like plugins today enrich WordPress)…"

3 Tools to create custom Gutenberg WordPress Blocks visually
"There has been a lot of excitement in the WordPress community about this new Block editing experience where everything will be a block. Gutenberg comes with a bunch of very standard and useful content blocks enough for most content writing needs. However, there will always be a chance you need something custom which is not possible by the bundled blocks with Gutenberg…"

WP Ultimo 1.9.0 is out! Domain Reseller integration with OpenSRS, new pricing structure, and development roadmap strategy for 2.0 features
Loads of new features including an update to the pricing of WP Ultimo going forwards. Get it whilst you can still get a lifetime deal.
You can get WP Ultimo here.

Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin review: Automate your workflows like a pro
"How much time do you spend on website admin tasks? I bet a lot. Or, more hours than you’d like to admit. You’re in luck though, because, with the Uncanny Automator WordPress plugin, we show you exactly how to automate tasks, save time and boost efficiency…"

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

Drupal Gutenberg Showcased at DrupalCamp Oslo 2018
"Gutenberg appreciation is running high across the CMS pond in the Drupal world. DrupalCamp Oslo 2018, Norway’s biggest national camp to date, was held over the weekend. The event featured two sessions on Gutenberg – one for site builders and one for block developers. Frontkom, the team behind Drupal Gutenberg, took home two Splash Awards for “Best Module” and “Best Integration” for 2018…"

Google to let users leave comments on search results
"Google is preparing to roll out a new feature that will allow users to leave comments on search results. This feature was revealed in an official Google help document that explains how users can leave comments and read comments from others…"

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