102 – It’s time for us to quit

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Discussion – It’s time for us to quit

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With – Nathan Wrigley and David Waumsley

This week we have decided that we’re going to be quitting things. Like this podcast…

Erm, no, not that. We’re loving doing this podcast each week and have no plans to stop! “NO”, we hear you cry, “please stop producing this nonsense!”, “NO”, we reply, “we’re going to keep podcasting until the internet stops working!”

I’m glad that that’s settled!

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On the the topic at hand – quitting stuff. We all have things in our lives that we want to quit, but we’re limiting this conversation to your work as a WordPress professional and the moments in the day when you start to do things that you know that you shouldn’t!

Perhaps it’s too much Facebook. You’ve set up email notifications to appear, and appear they do, with alarming regularity. Several time an hour you get pinged and go to read what you hope will be something of weight and importance. We’re all guilty of it, as Mark Zuckerberg’s accountant can testify.

Or perhaps it’s trying to keep up with the latest trends. You’re always reading the latest article or buying the latest WordPress plugin to test. It’s all just in case there’s something better on the horizon, a thing that will transform your website building life into one of ease and high earning. Perhaps we ought to just learn the things that we’ve already got instead?

Maybe you’re just signed up to too many services? You’ve got a subscription to 14 SaaS apps that do the exact same thing haven’t you? Instead of using your tried and trusted invoicing app that you got the to know in 2010, you have tried 62 more since then and stacked up a whole heap of bills in the process!

Another thought is quitting the kind of clients that don’t really make sense for your business. Is it best to always work for anybody or is it best to ‘quit’ clients that don’t match the profile that you know that you can work with and, more importantly, you can turn a profit from?

In my case, I need to quit doing the same thing over and over again! I constantly do tasks that I should have a process for many, many, many times. It’s things like not writing information down that I know that I need to remember. I have no idea what’s wrong with me! Is this you? It is isn’t it!

Chrome extensions – you’ll have listen to make sense of this one!

Then there’s the classic time waster syndrome. The ability to create importance in anything that you ought not to be doing. Have a website that needs to be done this week, but there’s an article about The Queen that’s of no interest to you. Work – Queen – Work – Queen, I’ll make a coffee and read about The Queen for a few hours and then regret it later.

What about keeping office hours? Do you find yourself working at stupid ‘o clock. Perhaps we should put the phone down, turn off the PC and do the things that you really want to do. I get up and connect to the web, then for the rest of the day I’m online. Just before I sleep I check the phone one last time. Do I turn it off during my sleep? What do you think?

We need to quit things. We all need to quit things. Your list will not be the same as ours, but I’d be interested to know what you need to quit.

Please join our Facebook group or any of the other channels that we use. Go to the ‘subscribe’ link on the WP Builds website, come on, do it now and quit wasting time!

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Nathan Wrigley

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