48 – Ladies and gentlemen, Lee Jackson

48 – Ladies and gentlemen, Lee Jackson

In this episode of the WP Builds we talk to the one and only Lee Jackson. If you’ve not heard of Lee before, then, frankly, it’s high time that you did! In fact, if you’ve not heard of Lee, I wonder if you should get your eyes or ears tested, because he’s making so much content it’s like he’s actually part of the internet itself!

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He makes a great podcast, runs a successful agency, makes lots of video content. I wonder if he sleeps?

We find out about the WordPress side of Lee and his agency, as well as a few unexpected things too. Did you know for example that Lee went to drama college, but instead of acting he locked himself away in the library and fiddled with computers? Or that he’s about to launch a podcast all about Walt Disney – that’s coming out on the 41st September 2017)?

He talks about the fun of running an agency, connecting with ‘better’ clients and keeping it all as a family sized enterprise, deliberately not allowing it to grow to the point where he has to become a manager of people!

He’s great fun, always chatty and I recommend this episode to anyone who breathes!

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Nathan Wrigley

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