45 – Running multiple successful WordPress businesses with Gin McInneny from WP Elevation

Today we talk Gin McInneny, an Aussie who is well worth listening to. If you don’t know her name, I’m sure that you’ll have heard of some of the projects that she’s busy working on. You see Gin is a central person in the running of WP Elevation, a growing community of WordPress professionals. WP Elevation is not the usual WordPress community, because it’s not trying to teach you how to create post, pages and custom post types… no! WP Elevation is all about making sure that your WordPress based business is lean, mean and effective.

I (Nathan) have been through the WP Elevation program myself and I can tell you that I learned a huge amount of valuable stuff. To be honest, prior to doing WP Elevation, I thought that I was doing okay, work was regular and reliable, things were okay. And that’s the point… things were OKAY.

Presented by Troy Dean, the WP Elevation Blueprint course gets you rethinking every single detail of how you run your business. How to present your business, how to write meaningful proposals that are going to be read, how to follow up clients who don’t bite, and how to attract those elusive clients who are serious and have a realistic budget.

It’s not a magic bullet, but it’s pretty darn close!

They open up the door to WP Elevation a few times each year and one of those times is right now, so if I were you I’d certainly checkout what they have to offer and see if they’re a good fit before the doors open and close a week later.

So Gin does that, and for many, that would be quite enough thank you. But not her! You see they also run a very successful plugin called ‘Video User Manuals’. A cool plugin that will take away SO MANY calls from your clients. The plugin allows you to fill up the WordPress dashboard with a ton of always up-to-date videos which explain almost everything that a client might phone you up to ask about. Time is money, and the less calls you take, the more you can play tennis, or ride horses or sit and do nothing at all (my favourite)!

If you use this link https://www.videousermanuals.com/wpbuilds, you’re going to get yourself a nice deal on Video User Manuals too! This will get you a year of the plugin for $144 instead of the usual $240.

She also assists Troy with a new project called Roch Star Empires which aims to give you the skills to give other people the skills (so meta). Listen and you’ll see!

All in all a fantastic women involved in a whole bunch of stuff that I wish that I had started! Go listen… and enjoy!

I should also add that the cheesy music this week was created by WP Builds listener Richard Aronson. Thanks so much, it’s truly cheesy!

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Nathan Wrigley
Nathan Wrigley

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