44 – How and why to Podcast by Craig Hewitt from Seriously Simple Podcasting

44 – How and why to Podcast by Craig Hewitt from Seriously Simple Podcasting

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Today we’ve got Craig Hewitt on from Seriously Simple Podcast Hosting / Podcasting. Now this is something that I can really relate to, and if you have (or have ambitions to have) a podcast, then this is going to be worth listening to.

Seriously Simple Podcast Hosting makes podcasting, erm… seriously simple! It’s not a joke it really does. Back when we started the WP Builds podcast we had a terrible workflow to get the recordings online. It involved sending content to multiple third services and then waiting for them to all sync up before we could publish the podcast episodes online.

Now all we have to do is to upload the file in the podcast audio into the podcast episode meta box, and wait a few seconds. That’s it. They host the audio, spread it out via their CDN and we can stop wasting time and just get on with creating content!

We talk about the history of the plugin and where it’s headed. We discuss why it’s a great time to get into podcasting and how it might open new doors that you never expected to be open!

It’s a great episode about a subject that we’ve never covered before. Go have a listen.

Lovely show – go have a listen!

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Nathan Wrigley

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