43 – Running a large Facebook group with Dave Toomey

43 – Running a large Facebook group with Dave Toomey

This week we get to meet the man behind the Beaver Builder Facebook group – Dave Toomey. Many of you will know that there is a 8,000 strong group out there, but perhaps you didn’t know that it was not started by the folk over at Beaver Builder, but by a lone Irish fella called Dave Toomey. Well, you do now, because it was! So there.

Turns out that running a large Facebook group involves quite a bit of work. Keeping the conversation going, making sure that it’s on-message, trying to ensure that the people that you let in are real people who are really interested in what your group is about. Dave has done this for two years now, and does anyone thanks him for it, well, erm… not enough perhaps. Thanks Dave!

Perhaps you’ve adopted the group as your main place to hang out online. Perhaps you just go there once in awhile. Dave talks about the fact that the group is not a one stop shop and is not designed to offer all the answers to your Beaver Builder needs, but it does do a good job. Thanks Dave – there, he’s got two lots of thanks now!

Now, Dave is not a one trick pony, he does not sit around all day moderating Facebook comments. He’s also a bit of an expert when it comes to podcasting. He’s starting (started?) a new Beaver Builder podcast over at https://beaverdojo.com and offers a podcasting service as one of the arms of his business. He gives us some advice about what we could be doing better to make the WP Builds podcast stand out and get more traction, because, heaven knows, what the world really needs right now is more WP Builds!

Lovely show – go have a listen!

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