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64 – Beaver Funnels is going to make creating funnels so much better with Mike Killen

64 – Beaver Funnels is going to make creating funnels so much better with Mike Killen

In this episode:

Discussion – Should web agencies offer deals like Black Friday? – [3:34]

Interview – Beaver Funnels is going to make creating funnels so much better with Mike Killen. – [19:58]

Ending Fact – G.D.P.R. – How little we know! – [50:39]

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In this episode we are joined for the second time by Mike Killen who runs Sell Your Service.

Last time he was on the WP Builds podcast, he talked about how to create funnels to assist you with your marketing goals. He made the process seem so simple!

Well, I think that his experience on the podcast went to his head, because soon after we’d ended the call we started to talk about his new idea – Beaver Funnels. This is his game changing plugin that allows you to leverage the awesomeness of the Beaver Builder Page Builder and use it to create point and click funnels.

Now this really is super simple to use, I can say that, because I’ve used it! You install the WordPress plugin, answer a few questions that the plugin asks to work out what you want, and BOOM, you get your funnel made for you. All the pages, all the text, everything. It’s all so simple to follow along with. The pages get laid out with thumbnails and you can drag them about to alter the flow of your funnel. Brilliant!

As it’s a new release, there’s still some bells and whistles to add, but right now it works exactly as you’d expect.

It’s great to see something new like this come out and shake things up a bit… and don’t worry if you’re not a Beaver Builder user, there are plans to use other Page Builders soon.

Go check it out and leave some comments with what you think about it.

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