63 – What’s new and coming for the Beaver Builder Page Builder with Robby McCullough

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Discussion – Where to get inspiration – [5:58]

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Interview – What’s new and coming for the Beaver Builder Page Builder with Robby McCullough – [25:13]

Ending Fact – Schema markup / Rich snippets – [1:13:16]

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So many of you are now using a Page Builder, admit it! Honestly, why wouldn’t you, they are such a great way to cut hours of time out of the development process of your WordPress web site.

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Well, I’m sure that you’ve heard of Beaver Builder, one of the Page Builders that you really ought to be using. I could go into all the reasons, but suffice to say that it’s polished, reliable, and as stable as a thing which holds horses!

Recently the guys over at Beaver Builder released version 2.0 into the wild and Robby McCullough is here to explain all about it.

It’s got a wonderfully refreshed UI, and heaps of little improvements to make it really, really (like really) fast to use.

When you combine Beaver Builder with Beaver Themer and the 3rd party add-ons like PowerPack and Ultimate Addons, you’ve got yourself a super powerful suite of tools to build your entire web site in much less time than any other way that I know of.

Robby did not just want to talk about what they’ve been up to, he also wanted to talk about what they are going to be up to, and he sets himself a unique challenge to say the word “Gutenberg” more times in 40 minutes, than anyone else ever can!

Seriously, though, it’s great to hear that the Beaver Builder team are thinking so carefully about the impact of Gutenberg, and of how their Page Builder will adapt and evolve to accomodate WordPress 5.0 when it ships a few months from now.

This is a great interview with a great guy! Listening is highly recommended!

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