62 – How to make sure that your site is really safe with Akshat Choudhary

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Discussion – Should we train clients to manage their sites?

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Interview – How to make sure that your site is really safe with Akshat Choudhary.

Ending Fact – Facebook pixel.

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Let’s be clear, this is a great story about something that we’d all like to happen to us!

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So you’re a developer and you come up with an idea that you decide you should build. You really don’t think about whether or not there is a target market and how many potential customers you’re going to have, you just build it because you have the ability to do it.

Then, one day, more or less by chance you meet a bunch of people who just happen to know other people who have the ability to make your product a success for you. Not only that, but they believe in your dream and decide that they are going to help you out. You make a success of it!

It’s the stuff of dreams. No massive marketing, no great time spent of sweating the details of this or that feature. Just a solid product and the grace of some influential people who become your customers and friends. I love this!

Now, I should point out that BlogVault and Malcare are not just random flukes. They were built properly and were therefore chosen be people who really know about selecting the right solution from a host of competitors. They were picked because they do what they set out to do well.

They BackUp your WordPress site and keep it safe from harm. Just the sort of a product that we could all do with!

Listen to the wonderfully humble Akshat Choudhary explain why he built BlogVault and Malcare and see if it’s a good fit for your WordPress workflow.

I always say this and I always mean it, but this is a great episode!

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