249 – ‘U’ is for Undo

'U' is for Undo - WP Builds Podcast #249

This is about common WordPress mistakes and how to get out of a pickle if things go wrong. With all the plugins, themes and community work in WordPress, it’s often surprising that any of it hangs together, and that WordPress websites even work at all… (even more so since the Gutenberg Project says David!). Yet, despite that, neither of us have really had any issues over the years. How can this be? There’s certainly plenty of scope for things to go wrong on your WordPress website, and to go wrong badly, and that’s the subject of the podcast today. What can go wrong and how might you recover. Check out the podcast…

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240 – ‘P’ is for Plugins

'P' is for Plugins - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #240

WordPress plugins… there are so many to choose from, but it’s perhaps the fact that they exist that makes WordPress the huge success that it is. So what’s the point of a plugin and how do they differ from themes. Will blocks be a replacement in the future? We get into the subject of what are the ‘essential’ plugins that we think every WordPress site needs and which ones we have earmarked as our favourites. This discussion could have gone on for hours, but thankfully it didn’t! Find out what we think about WordPress plugins in the podcast today…

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212 – ‘B’ is for Backups

'B' is for Backups - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #210

I’m sure that we’ve all had experiences with our WordPress websites where things went wrong; the site was hacked, something got deleted. In most cases we can recover, but if the worst comes to the worst we need a backup to save us. As with all things in the WordPress space, we’re spoiled in the number of backup options available to us. There’s plugins backups, our hosting backups, 3rd party SaaS backups and more. So which should we use? In this episode of the WP Builds Podcast we explore the pros and cons of the different backup types and why you might want to pick one over another. Have a listen to our thoughts on the podcast…

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189 – Let us take care of your WordPress websites so that you can keep building them

Let us take care of your WordPress websites so that you can keep building them - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #189

I got into building WordPress websites because I like building websites. Now that is a breathtaking insight I know! But it’s important to think about this for a minute. I have no metrics on this, but I know for certain that I spend quite a but of my week just patching up and maintaining websites that I’ve already built. This is covered by my care plans but I’m not all that sure how profitable my WordPress website care plans are, one month I might do very little, another, I’m inundated! Today on the WP Builds Podcast we have Brad Morrison from GoWP who is here to tell us how they can take this support burden away from you. They’ll do all the maintainance, support, updating and content edits for you. Their new service will even build your webpages for you! Have a listen and see if it’s for you…

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179 – A little look at 10Web hosting

179 - A little look at 10Web hosting - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

So today on the podcast we’ve got a new hosting provider for you, and that provider is 10Web. They are a platform that is hoping to take care of all of your WordPress needs. The idea is that you set up an account on their platform and then bring in sites that you’ve already created, or use their suite of tools to get you started. I’m seeing more services like this poppnig up all over the place… buy their service, log in, create a website with a Page Builder and have almost no idea that you’re using WordPress at all. Go check out 10Web in the podcast this week.

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62 – How to make sure that your site is really safe with Akshat Choudhary

How to make sure that your site is really safe with Akshat Choudhary

Let’s be clear, this is a great story about something that we’d all like to happen to us! So you’re a developer and you come up with an idea that you decide you should build. You really don’t think about whether or not there is a target market and how many potential customers you’re going to have, you just build it because you have the ability to do it. Then, one day, more or less by chance you meet a bunch of people who just happen to know other people who have the ability to make your product a success for you. It’s the stuff of dreams.

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7 – Web site care plans

Web site care plans

In this, the 7th episode of the WP Builds podcast, David Waumsley and Nathan Wrigley discuss web site care plans. We discuss what we both do to create recurring / passive revenue for our web design businesses, what works and what does not.
There’s so much to this topic, support requests, backups, security…

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