179 – A little look at 10Web hosting

Interview – A little look at 10Web hosting

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So today on the podcast we’ve got a new hosting provider for you, and that provider is 10Web, and Araksya Nalbandyan is here to tell us all about it!

They are a platform that is hoping to take care of all of your WordPress needs.

The idea is that you set up an account on their platform and then bring in sites that you’ve already created, or use their suite of tools to get you started. To do this they have the option to install a site with their Page Builder installed and some templates brought along for the ride. They’re using the WordPress.org repo version of Elementor, but they have a few additional premium addons that they have built in house to enable additional features.

These include:

  • form maker
  • photo gallery
  • event calendar
  • slider
  • Google maps
  • Instagram feed

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and a whole bunch more that you can find on the 10Web Premium Plugins page.

I’m seeing more services like this poppnig up all over the place… buy their service, log in, create a website with a Page Builder and have almost no idea that you’re using WordPress at all.

Their headline features include:

  • free ssl setup
  • real-time backups
  • all your sites managed from one central dashboard
  • 24/7 live chat support
  • 8 datacenters spread through the world
  • security, image optimisation and SEO out-of-the-box

Anyway, you can check out what Araksya has to say about it in this weeks podcast…

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Nathan Wrigley: [00:00:00] Welcome to the WP Builds podcast, bringing you the latest news from the WordPress community. Welcome your host, David Waumsley. Nathan Wrigley.
Hello there, and welcome to the WP Builds podcast. I'm glad that you've decided to have a listen. This is episode number 179 entitled a little look at 10 web hosting. It was published on Thursday the 14th of May, 2020 my name's Nathan Wrigley, and as always, before we begin, a little bit of housekeeping, I'd encourage you to go over to WP Builds.com there you will find everything that we do.
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If you would like to have your WordPress plugin or perhaps theme put in front of a WordPress specific audience, a bit like AB split test have done want to set up your AB split tests in record time. Like in a couple of minutes, use your existing pages and test anything against anything else. Buttons, images, headers, rows, anything.
The best part is that it works with element or Beaver builder and the WordPress blog editor, otherwise known as Gutenberg, and you can check it [email protected]. Okie dokie. Let's get stuck into the main event this week, shall we? As I said, today, we're talking about 10 web. You can find out [email protected] but it's an interesting proposition.
They're using the Google cloud platform to offer managed WordPress hosting, but with a little bit of a twist. The idea is that you bring all of your websites over there and you have a central dashboard, but they also offer you the capability to do that. Building of the site as well, and they've kind of customize the element or editor and built their own custom modules, which you can add in as well.
Anyway, it's an interesting offering. They recently had a launch over on AppSumo, so we talk a little bit about what the platform does, how it works, and how it may help your business. Okay. I hope that you enjoy the podcast. Hello there. Thank you for staying with us and getting to the interview. Part of the WP Builds podcast.
Got a different episode for you today. We've not covered this subject before, or at least we haven't covered this product before. I'm joined today by Araksya Nalbandyan, hello Araks.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:04:15] Hey there. Very happy to be here today.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:04:18] I'm delighted to have you. Thank you. We had a little bit of a chat before we started recording because I'm Araks is here representing a company called 10 web.
They've made a little bit of a splash. They launched a, a product over on product hunt and then they, Also, I suppose you could call it another launch if you like, over on AppSumo. it's called 10 web. It's very much related to the WordPress industry, but perhaps Araks, if you wouldn't mind, would you spend a little bit of time explaining what 10 web is.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:04:52] Sure with pleasure. So basically, 10Web is an all in one platform for building, costing and managing your WordPress website. It combines every aspect that anyone needs for building and managing their WordPress website. And a fan feature that we have is that all the websites that are hosted at 10 web automatically get Google page speed score of 95 plus.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:05:17] Interesting. Interesting claim. Yeah. So if you go over to 10 and by that I mean the numbers one zero. So you go to one zero web.io, you're going to find a really nice looking page there actually. And then there's a button that you can click, which says start seven day free trial. And it, it actually gets you straight into the experience.
It's like almost zero friction. and you can see that it's, it's kind of like a, it's kind of like a SaaS platform. For, for having all of your WordPress sites under one umbrella. So I suppose in a way it feels a little bit like something like kin stir or WP engine, something like that. so let's, let's talk around the platform and how it works.
Art, first of all is, am I looking at WordPress when I'm in the dashboard Araks or is this like a custom built SAS solution on top of the WordPress websites, if you like?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:06:13] No, you see, or custom dashboard that is designed by 10Web. It's much nicer and much easier to maneuver and to have everything that you need, rather than in WordPress.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:06:26] Okay. So you've got a very limited, arrangement of buttons, which is nice cause know less confusion. Basically, you've got a button to, go to your website. So you could have, I guess on limited amount of websites, depending on, what it, what it was that you had paid, or there's a button to add a website and, okay, so, so how does it work when we, when we add a website in, are we.
Do you then like does your platform spin up some sort of Google cloud infrastructure or architecture so that a normal vanilla version of WordPress exists.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:07:02] so basically there are two options with our platform. You can either build a brand new website so you can choose one of our ready-made website templates and to just start building your a template with our builder, which is, on field, on top of Elementor with our premier widgets.
Or you can already migrate your existing website to 10 bypass tank.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:07:24] Okay. And when you, let's say for example, I click add a website and I go for, I'm starting from scratch, I want to to use your, your element or templates and what have you. is there like some sort of lag? Do I have to wait a few minutes and receive an email for, or does it immediately occur.
It takes
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:07:43] just couple of seconds, not more than a minute, and not more than 30 seconds to upload a template, and then you can adjust, three directly to the builder, part, and you can just easily edit anything with an easy drag and drop method.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:07:58] Okay. So you're using the re repository version of, elemental, which is just incredibly popular and going from strength to strength at the moment.
But you did mention that as part of your platform, you add in some of your own bits and pieces. What, what kind of premium additional features are you throwing in? Just from the page builder point of view, not, not from any, any other angle.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:08:22] from the page builder point of view, we have created a lot of like 40 plus premium visits that combines everything that anyone will need.
For example, with additive nerve solution that you can just edit your Heather from the builder part. You can use our plugins through the builder, like create published forms or galleries there just anything that you will need. We are adding and we're adding more and more new features there.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:08:49] Okay. So if I was to come along and I was say, let's say that I bought your base package, which we'll come onto a little bit later, is there, are you sort of making the claim that essentially I could, I could have a website up and running unless I had some sort of.
Edge case feature needs. You think the platform after clicking the ad website button would have everything that I would need. So as an example, you're going to give me things like a contact forms, I suppose, things like that, and a variety of different landing pages and different options to like customize those, those pages.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:09:25] exactly. You get everything. And if you don't need something like very specific, you can get it. Like you can have your website ready in an hour.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:09:35] Okay. And if I were to have something specific, do you, because I haven't really played with it too much in everything that I've seen. looks like 10 web, but I'm, I'm pretty sure that you're going to say yes to this.
the, there's an option in there somewhere where I can just get into the. Good old, familiar WordPress admin and add my own plugins and themes should I wish to.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:09:58] Sure. Actually you can add plugins from 10 that dashboard as well, any plugin from WordPress repository. but you can also just go to WordPress with just one.
You will see that WWI can on your dashboard very clearly, so you can just click it and it will take you to your WordPress dashboard.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:10:16] And from that moment on, I'm back to WordPress as I fully understand that, you know, what's the, I suppose then, what's the benefit in, in having the additional 10 word website?
I mean, I know that you'll know the answer to this, but just sort of sell it to us. What, why would we, why would we want to go with 10 web rather than, I dunno, a different company where we've got a different dashboard. What's the USP.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:10:39] the thing is that you get everything in one place. You get your hosting, which is powered by Google cloud.
It's one of the most, the best hostings there in the market. You get website management and you can get website builders with already my templates. Also, you get the option of having super optimized website in just. Couple of steps or instantly if you build with Tam web and you get everything from a price of hosting, you get all other things, you'll get premium plugins, services of website management, hosting everything for the price that you usually pay for good quality hosting or even less.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:11:18] Okay. So, you mentioned that it's using Google's cloud. Do you know, do you know anything about the sort of technical details of what it's using in Google's cloud? What kind of, what kind of infrastructure hardware are we using over there? Cause I know that recently, I think it was made the, made the announcement that they.
They moved to some kind of like extremely optimized version of Google cloud. So I suppose that that would be a question to ask. Do you do that too?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:11:47] Oh, well, we use the fastest servers and we use the Google cloud servers all around the world. So you need to choose a server that's closer to your actual target location.
And so you will have the fastest hosting. But because if we compare with other hosting providers, because we provide. Everything from one place. We have the ability to assure you that your website is actually fast because hosting is only one. It's a big component, but it's only one component of a fast website.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:12:20] and so let's go through these sort of additional features that you give us through element, or you, you mentioned that there were 30 of them. I'd like to sort of. Delve into exactly what it is. Maybe it's 50 I can't remember the number that you said. What? What are you giving us? What are the extensions?
The things that people might come and think. Okay, that's pretty unique that that might swing me towards 10 web.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:12:42] Oh, well. the, we give all our plugins because we have a lot of like, great plugins, like photo gallery for maker. You can all use them, through the, for our builder and Google maps event calendar, Instagram feed, Facebook feed, like everything.
there are also different widgets like pricing tables, review carousels. Boxes, countdowns, like anything that you basically need that you can find there.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:13:09] I mean, if you go to, if you go to 10 web.io forward slash premium dash plugins, you're going to see them all there. some of these are unfamiliar to me.
Because you know, there's a gazillion plugins in the WordPress marketplace, and not all of them can be, can be known by everybody. But did you, did, did the guys at 10 web, have you been developing these themes prior to launching this, this web hosting platform? yeah,
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:13:38] actually, we've been in the plug in market for a while now for about 10 years, and some of our plugins are very, have very high ranking on Newark bus that Oregon, we have like, one of the best, what a gallery plugins out there in the world.
And we have about 20 million plugin downloads.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:13:57] Okay. So you've got a heritage in making plugins and things. So for example, I'm looking at the page there, and you mentioned a few of these. there's a form maker plugin. Is that, is the form maker something that, that we might be familiar with? Let's say something like gravity forms or something like that.
Drag and drop. Create your forms. Yeah.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:14:13] Yeah, it's a drag and drop form and there you have different options. You can choose which one works for you and just choose that one you writing to in the builder.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:14:24] Okay. And then you've got a photo gallery plugin, which you can make galleries with, I guess, and there's an events calendar option.
You've got your own slider. Is that again, are these all built by you? These ones
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:14:36] are all built by us.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:14:37] Google maps and Instagram feed one there's an E commerce one. What's the e-commerce on? Does that stand with or different to WooCommerce?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:14:48] Oh, well, it's different, but we also have WooCommerce extension in the D a in the builder.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:14:54] Okay, but you've got your own eCommerce solution that is that like a lightweight version of something like WooCommerce, like not quite as feature rich yet. you can connect to MailChimp as well. You've got a social feed option. Then you've got things like Google analytics. Oh, interesting. And ad manager, that's quite, what's the ad manager?
How does that work?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:15:14] And well, it basically helps you do ads on your website.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:15:20] and does it enable you to put them into your posts and
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:15:23] pages and easily just publish and manage and track everything, with the help of the ad manager?
Nathan Wrigley: [00:15:28] Okay. So there are 50, listed on that page and you can go and check that out for yourself.
Okay. Let's get into sort of like the knots and the bolts of how it all works. And so if I was to, to log in, one of the things that we. Always talk about in our Facebook group is things like backing up and making sure that things are safe from the, from the point of view of security. Are there any measures that you take?
Do you have some sort of integration with a, with a firewall? Do you, have you built your own firewall? Are you relying on Google's cloud? How does that work?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:16:02] We have two options of backup. You will, you have a hosting site backup, which backs up your website for the last 10 days. So Karen is Tori to anytime if anything happens or we also do provide backup services.
it's, it's called, you will see in the dashboard, so where you can back up, your website through the different period of times that who won or for a lifetime, you can activate it. So it will be backed up every hour. And, you can easily restore anything. If anything happens. The IL, you can save your backups, like, using different, like, a Dropbox or a Google drive.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:16:43] Okay. So you will take care of backing things up. And did you say that, obviously if you're using something like Google drive, presumably, you can keep the backups as long as you like, but normally, did you say 10 days, something like that?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:16:56] It's from the hosting side because we have to. Types of backups who have backup service, and we have hosting side backup.
So you usually can, use both, or you can just use the hosting side that restores the, just the store's the 10 day backup.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:17:12] Okay. And in terms of the, the security side of things, I mean, obviously, you know, WordPress has a bit of a target painted on its back because it's massive. Do you, do you go to any lengths to ensure that the sites are.
I'm not going to say unhackable because that's nonsense, but is there any security protocol that you have or measures that you take to make sure that they're, they're not taken down? Are they sort of in their own little container? If one goes down, does it take any others with it? Do you have a firewall?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:17:42] yeah, because we have a managed hosting. It's a way easier to give up, said secure. And we also have a security service where, for example, your, you have any plugin vulnerability or a, and someone has changed your code. You will see during your time lab dashboard and you can, you will see that something is wrong.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:18:02] Okay. And, do you, whilst it's on your platform, I know that quite a few of your rivals, they make the, they make the offer that essentially, if something goes wrong and your site is hacked during the time it's on our platform, we will, we'll take care of that and, and sought you out.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:18:18] yeah, sure. We do that as well.
If something happens. we are all we have are at 24, seven customer support and they will take care of that. They will contact, like, you can contact them if anything happens and they will, just help you out and try to find the issue and solve it. Oh,
Nathan Wrigley: [00:18:36] who is your, who is your ideal customer? Who are you going after here?
Are you trying to sort of like one at a time, pick up people who are playing with WordPress? Are you, are you squarely in the kind of like agency space? are you, are you trying to like cater for everybody? Who's your ideal kind of customer?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:18:54] our ideal customers actually are freelance developers and marketing web agencies.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:19:00] Okay. And why do you say that? What is it that, that you offer that you know, would fit better for them?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:19:06] Yeah, basically we offer, the thing why it's a great product for freelancers and agencies because it helps them to build and manage their office websites very quickly and it allows them to have more clients and more revenue.
So it's, and they can, when they usually have to manage more than 10 websites, so it's very convenient for them.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:19:28] Okay. I'm looking at the pricing. If you go over to 10 web.io forward slash pricing, you know, you've got the usual array of different options there. There are four, four different plans. One of them cost them, so it's not really a plan as such.
talk us through the pricing. Then you've got a personal plan. Which is, everything's taken care of, but it's just one website. you've got a premium plan of $60 a month, and that says three websites, and you've got an agency plan of 10 websites, and that's $170 a month. how do you, how do you sort of feel about those?
Because they, they feel a little bit on the, the high side to me.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:20:07] they are not like a cheap, cheap hosting prices. But considering that you get everything for one place, you get your hosting, your builder, your plugins, usually you pay for playing bundles. Our customers pay for play plugin bundles a lot, like a hundred dollars for only plugins.
in this case, you get everything. And, it isn't, if you. Well, we consider it, for example, the agency price. It's only $17 per month per website. So it's way cheaper than a lot of managed hosting companies in the market.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:20:40] So let's just, because it's easiest to understand, we've got this $20 a month. personal bond where you've got the one website.
So just to break it apart, you've got, 25,000 visitors a month. you've got five gigabytes of SSD storage on Google's infrastructure. and then it goes up to, if you pay the extra, you get 60, $60 a month, gives you a hundred thousand visitors, and at 10 gigabytes, which is. Which is interesting cause it's double the amount of disk space, but three times the price.
And then you've got at the agency model 170 you get four times the disc space, you get 40 gigabytes. So that's quite interesting. But anything above that, anything above 10 you're onto sort of custom pricing and you're encouraging people to reach out and ask what the prices would be. Right.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:21:32] Yeah. It depends how many of upsets are going to manage.
And we give a custom price based on, their needs actually where we're designing the pricing part. So on the custom side, you will be able soon to see how you can, if you, for example, have 20 websites and you need this kind of, so how much it will be approximately, it will be lifestyle.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:21:55] Okay. And with the, with the, with the plugins, do you, do you have a relationship with any, I know that you mentioned, that you've gotten dozens and dozens of your own plugins in there to accommodate things like Google maps forms and what have you inside of this.
Do you have any relationships with other plugin developers such that, you know, I, I don't know, I'm don't want to particularly name any, but do you have any that you've negotiated a deal with? So you get that as part of the plan as well?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:22:24] well, basically not as a part of plan, but we'll, in our plugin section, we have a feature in the part where you get to, at this moment we have two collaborations.
We work with WebEx Araks. they are a secure security service and we also work with live chat, the chat solution. And you have a discount when you use their services with Canada.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:22:49] Okay. So no, no, you can't sort of come on, come in and say, you know, I, I would like gravity forms as part of my deal that just isn't, you have to buy your own license and
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:23:00] you need to buy it, but you can, use it with tan web.
Any plugin you can use, but you need to buy it.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:23:06] Okay. And do you have, cause this be interesting, you know, if. If, let's say that you build a bunch of websites on your platform and then for one reason or another, you need to migrate those sites away. Do you, do you have repository versions of your own plugins?
So, so that I would be able to kind of move those off your platform should I need to or would I have to then reconfigure them all and, use a different form plugin and a different Google
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:23:33] maps? Or you can take your. Go whenever you want. I hope you want
Nathan Wrigley: [00:23:39] to do that,
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:23:41] but you can do that anytime that you want.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:23:43] so to answer the question though, are there versions of those plugins that you provide, they're on the repo as well. Are they.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:23:52] Yes. It's there.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:23:53] Okay. That's good to know. Oh, that's great. That's really good. okay. Let's talk about the journey that you've had recently. So in April, I think you said, yeah, you, you launched on product hunt, and then.
Subsequently you went to AppSumo. Tell us a little bit about that. What was the, what was the reason behind AppSumo? We talk about AppSumo a lot, and at the minute they seem to be very, very keen to, to get in with the WordPress crowd. There's a lot of WordPress stuff happening over on AppSumo. Why did you decide to do that?
Because I think people are always intrigued by the idea of giving a lifetime deal away, as opposed to your, your normal pricing, which we've just discussed. So what was the point of that?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:24:35] Well, basically the first thing was that we knew that absolutely users are mainly freelancers and agencies. So exactly our audience.
And we looked at it more as a, As, as a way to get more feedback rather than to earn money. So we decided to do the deal and it was a very huge success. We got a, we sold around 4,000 to codes and we got a lot of feedback and we started using all that feedback to optimize our platform and create new features that were asked to require it from Optima users.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:25:15] I think you mentioned that you actually extended the period of time that you were an AppSumo, which is quite interesting. was that just because you were getting lots of feedback and the sales just kept coming.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:25:26] yeah, we were getting a lot of feedback and, because you, it was possible for users to get 10 codes there.
I, they, wanted to test it out and then decide to add more. So we decided to extend that time and have them get more codes.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:25:45] And has the, has the, the sort of growth that you've experienced there, has that enabled you to well change the platform? Have you made any significant changes to the, to the way that it operates based upon the feedback that you've had since AppSumo or the product hunt?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:26:01] yeah. Actually, we got a lot of feedback on if you take a look. We have our own 502 questions there. And we've changed a lot within the product. Are adding, for example, a cloning feature. we are adding a multisite option and do we have added a lot of more, possibilities, in our roadmap that we'll be writing the upcoming months and all of that because of the feedback that we got.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:26:25] Oh, from that point of view alone, it was really worth it. Yeah. So it was a, it was a loss in terms of, well, you didn't lose revenue, but you've, you've got to support these people going forward. Have you, it's always an interesting question. I always think people buy these codes. Have you noticed that they've adopted, the using 10 web, or, my suspicion sometimes is that people buy things on AppSumo and then it sort of gathers dust.
You know, they forget about it and never come back. Have you actually got people. Do you know who've converted over to 10 weapon or using it religiously from now on? Well,
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:26:58] yeah, actually we did. And we're also building, we have a community on Facebook, I think you have as well. And we have like Optima users there and they.
Interact with us daily. They use the platform, they give us feedbacks and our customer support team just chats with them constantly and they're using the platform and they are adding a more websites there. There are users that have added more websites than they had initially bought coats, so they are actually using it.

Nathan Wrigley: [00:27:34] and although this is a difficult question to, to ask, I'm going to ask it anyway. Is 10 webs, are you financially, is it a secure thing? The, the big worry for lots of people is that, you know, they moved to a different host and they discover that, you know. Two years down the line, they're struggling and so on and so forth.
And obviously having an AppSumo deal creates an interesting picture because you've got a lot of people that you've got to support who are no longer paying. But do you, do you have, a profitable business that, has regular revenue from regular customers.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:28:08] yes, we do. Well, we have, the annual recurring revenue of 1 million, so no worries on that side.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:28:16] Good, good. Okay. Cause we
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:28:18] have, our customer base is, getting bigger and bigger every month, so even every week, so no worries.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:28:24] Yeah, well that's, well, that's good to know,
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:28:26] to stay long, very long in the market.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:28:28] Yes. Yeah. As with all things, staying, staying around for a long time in the market, requires innovation and change and, you know, keeping up with everybody else.
What's the, you did mention a moment ago a roadmap. I'm interested to know, you know, within the limits of what you're allowed to say, what, what it is that you're hoping to offer in the short to medium term that people might be intrigued by.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:28:52] Sure. Actually, we are all about transparency, so you can see our roadmap on our website and you can see all the upcoming features that are coming.
the first one that will be here as soon as the multisite support. Then we are going to add a client management. We are going to add a reseller, a dedicated IPS, a CDN, and a lot of other things. Okay. And to templates are growing every day.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:29:20] Do you create your own templates or are you using the yeah, just just for yourself?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:29:26] Can we do create our own ready-made templates that are just like websites, so you have different. And different pages, unique designs with content sites all deal with for our users.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:29:38] Okay. But you could, if you wish to bring in any old element or template and that would work just fine.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:29:43] Yes, yes. You can use any template that you want.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:29:46] Okay, so I'm just going to quickly look at your roadmap and just mentioned some of the things, because. I think people are always fascinated by what's coming. So you mentioned dedicated IP support. That sounds good. Multisite support. So that's just, regular multisite network. Are you going to, are you going to be integrating that with any of the, sort of like the current tools, like things like WP Ultimo, so that you could create like a, a was, or is it just, you know, you'll switch on a multisite and from there you've got to look after it yourself.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:30:16] Oh, well, basically we're creating our multisite solution. So it will help users to what used to do anything or would there, especially it's a useful for agencies, but where you, the creating it ourselves
Nathan Wrigley: [00:30:32] and will you be able to do things like, I dunno map your own, domain names and things like that.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:30:38] actually, you mean connect your domain.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:30:41] Well. Yeah. So for example, if I, if I have my multisite network, so that I could, yeah. Map a different domain name onto one of those multi-sites and possibly, you know, one of the sub sub sites, and possibly then sell that, if you know what I mean.

Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:30:55] yeah. actually that's, not in the multisite option by who are working on that as well.
So you can then move the ownership of the website.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:31:05] Okay. And what's this client management system, this might be of interest to agency owners. What are you hoping to do with this? Yeah.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:31:13] So basically this will help the users to the agencies to give extra excesses to their clients, different accesses and manage their clients.
like different clients from one dashboard and for example, they can give someone access to that. Ha can visit the builder, but not the payment information and different things like that.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:31:35] So it sounds a little bit something like a sort of C panel type thing or like a plus kind of thing. You can, you can limit what they can.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:31:43] Maybe we can say something similar, but, basically that you can give roles to users and to your clients and have all your clients from your point, from agency point or freelancer point of view. They can have all the websites from one place, but they can also give their clients. Access to their exact website.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:32:05] so this is on the 10 website of things. This has got nothing to do with WordPress. When you say roles, I'm immediately thinking about website press roles. This is how much they can see of of whatever it is that the platform is able to show them, like billing information. You might be able to prevent somebody from looking at that, or they might be able to look at one site and manage one site, but not another, that kind of thing.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:32:28] Yeah, yeah. Okay.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:32:29] Yeah. And website cloning. Tell us about that. Is that going to be like a press a button, wait a few minutes and it's just the same website only somewhere else.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:32:37] yes, it actually, if you have already built one website and you want to build another, just like that, you can just clone that website and you will have another, like a copy of your website, a clone of your website on your dashboard so you can edit it, for example, change images and it will be a different website.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:32:55] Okay. And is that using multisite or is that just a complete clone in a different container
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:33:00] or complete client cloning? Yeah, I think,
Nathan Wrigley: [00:33:03] yeah. what else have we got on there? Security service improvements. So you're going to be adding some hardening. You mentioned web box. Is, is your, are you, is your solution going through the web box system or have you got your own
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:33:15] no, we have our own.
Have a calibration with them that if, people, temp abusers use their barracks, they get, some discount.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:33:25] And what's the, you've also got something written here about image optimization. What's, what's the plan there?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:33:32] Oh, well, our image optimization service needs a bit. We all always try to improve it, always be able to provide the best services.
So we constantly work on different services to make, for example, the process of optimizing images faster, and having the best, better resolution. No, it's really great that the moment
Nathan Wrigley: [00:33:53] as well. So this is, again, is this something that you have built yourself or is
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:33:59] this, yeah,
Nathan Wrigley: [00:34:02] so, can I, can I enable or disable that?

Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:34:05] you
Nathan Wrigley: [00:34:06] absolutely can. So I can switch it off. And if you, if, if you wish to switch it on, you can switch it on. And do you retain a copy of the original image or is it just you sort of like squash that and delete the old one? How does that all work?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:34:18] no, actually it keeps the images by what you can do.
You can just press the auto optimized. So at the moment that you're uploading the image, your image gets optimized and you don't see any difference in the resolution. It just the size of famous.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:34:34] Okay. and how are you, how are you doing in sort of like the WordPress community? Do you, are you kind of like attending events these days?
Are you taking yourself off to WordCamps and those kinds of things? Cause, cause I've, I don't think I've seen you at any of those events as yet, but, maybe you have been there.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:34:50] Yeah. At this moment, we haven't been at the work camp this year because it's been a very busy year for us with all the launches, but basically we are, we have our own Norwalk press community on Facebook, and we constantly interact with thousands of users, communities growing.
We're about 2000 there and it's. Constantly growing and we are constantly interacting with different WordPress, people in the industry and other groups in different Reddit subreddits and things like, yeah, in, on LinkedIn, everywhere, online, not on work camps this year as I already told, but. I'm sure. So,
Nathan Wrigley: [00:35:32] yeah.
Where, where is your, is your company based? I know that very often companies can be based in a different place to where they are actually located. So do you, do you have a base in one country and you're actually located in a different one?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:35:47] Well, well, basically, I'm currently in Armenia bad. The company's based in us, in New York, and, we have, both, in, in house workers and remote workers, all around the world.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:36:00] How many people are on your team? as we speak
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:36:03] about 16,
Nathan Wrigley: [00:36:05] 16, one six.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:36:07] 66 60
Nathan Wrigley: [00:36:08] wow, that's great. Yeah. And how has it grown? Has it grown a lot since in, during the last year?
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:36:13] Yeah, it's, it's been the wrong, I think we had additional 1520 people in the last a year.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:36:21] Wow, that's amazing. So you're really undergoing some, some rapid growth.
People seem to, people seem to like this idea of throwing everything in, you know, into one basket and having somebody take care of it. It's a very beguiling thought isn't, it's a really nice idea that you just show up to one. one place, and that's where everything is taken care of. okay. I think I've asked everything that I wish to ask.
What I would say is I'm gonna just open the floor to you and say, tell us, tell us where we can find you. what's the best URLs, Twitter handles, and all of that stuff right.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:36:52] sure. you can find me anytime on LinkedIn. It's my name and surname. You can just search for it. You can email me. It's Araks at 10 web data IO, can also find Matt to our Facebook community.
I'm very active there as well. Okay. Can find anyone from our company there. Actually, we always interacted with you as is.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:37:13] Yeah, I can see you. If you go actually to the top of the website, there is a link to help dot 10 web.io. This is, I'm in the support area. I actually was looking at the roadmap and right at the top of that is the link to the Facebook community, so you can find it that way.
Yeah. Because Facebook links are always a bit difficult to read out loud. thank you so much. That's a real pleasure. I will. I will certainly, I hope that people take a look at, 10 web and, make a decision for themselves. Thank you very much for talking to me today.
Araksya Nalbandyan: [00:37:44] Thank you as well. It was my pleasure.
Nathan Wrigley: [00:37:47] There you go. Fascinating. I'm always interested in how these new platforms differ, what it is that they bring, which is in competition to the other platforms out there, how they, how they manage to leverage different cloud hosting providers and the things that they bring in this case, Ella mentor and so on and so forth.
So anyway, go and click on the links in the show notes. If this has piqued your interest. I certainly hope that it has. The WP Builds podcast was brought to you today by AB split test. Want to set up your AB split tests in record time or the new AB split test plugin for WordPress. We'll have you up and running in a couple of minutes.
Use your existing pages and test anything against anything else. Buttons, images, headers, rows, really anything. And the best part is it works with elemental Beaver builder and the WordPress blog editor. And you can check it [email protected] and WP and up. Wanting. Four of us will be directly affected by mental health related illness.
WP and op supports and promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community. This is achieved through mentorship, events, training and counseling. Please help enable WP and up by visiting WP and up.org. Okie dokie. Please stay with us during the week. Head over to our Facebook group, which is WP Builds.com forward slash Facebook.
Join the conversation over there. Perhaps we'll see you next week for the podcast. If not, maybe we'll see you on Monday when we released the weekly WordPress news and our live, don't forget that 2:00 PM. UK time. Okay, I'm going to fade in some really cheesy music and say, bye bye. .

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