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150 – Kinsta hosting on Google’s Cloud with Brian Jackson

Kinsta hosting on GoCloud with Brian Jackson - WP Builds WordPress podcast

Today we have a chat with Brian Jackson from Kinsta. Kinsta are a managed WordPress hosting company who have grow rapidly since their inception in 2013. When they started managed WordPress hosting was not the giant business that it was today. In those days we were still opting for shared hosting and VPS hosting. But with the advent of cloud platforms such as Amazon’s AWS and Google Cloud, there came an opportunity for people with the skills to leverage those platforms and repurpose them as WordPress specific hosting solutions. Find out how Kinsta works and see if they are a good fit for your next WordPress project.

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148 – Spinning up a WordPress optimised server in minutes with Spinup WP

Spinning up a WordPress optimised server in minutes with Spinup WP - WP Builds WordPress podcast

This is a little bit different. Today we talk to Brad Touesnard from Delicious Brains about Spinup WP their new service which aims to make it trivially simple to get your WordPress website up and running on a cloud hosting provider – in fact just about anywhere. You login to their platform, fill out a few form fields and then go and grab a coffee. By the time that you’re done your WordPress optimised server will be ready and just waiting to get WordPress installed on it. This all sounds so simple, but there is a very large amount of heavy lifting going on in the background, heavy lifting that you’d have to learn and do your self. If you’ve ever wanted to install WordPress on a cloud provider, then check this podcast out…

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88 – Lightening fast static WordPress hosting with Daniel Olson

88 - Lightening fast static WordPress hosting with Daniel Olson

I really like it when you talk to someone that has done a variety of things in the internet / WordPress space. Daniel Olson is a man that fits that description, as you’re about to find out! He’s got a whole heap of fin stuff going on which we talk about in depth, but the ‘long story short’ is that he’s an AWS (Amazon Web Services) expert. If you did not know, AWS is the ridiculously large suite of tools that Amazon has built to make anything possible on the internet. Daniel leverages all that AWS goodness to build products that you might want to use for your WordPress business. For a start he has not one, but two hosting products that you might want to check out, Aminoto and Shifter…

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72 – A new way doing hosting (really) with Claudio Benvenuti from HardyPress

A new way doing hosting (really) with Claudio Benvenuti from HardyPress

On the podcast today we’ve got Claudio Benvenuti from HardyPress, a company who do hosting your WordPress site a little differently. The normal hosting environment for WordPress usually involves a LAMP stack of some kind and that’s about it. It’s more complex as that as we all know, but that’s your basic level and it goes up from there. The amount of money that you spend buys you things like more bandwidth in a month, more hard disk space, and a better CPU. You might even invest in a managed WordPress host that does some serious work caching all the things to make it faster.

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54 – Why choose WP Engine with Edmund Turbin

Why choose WP Engine with Edmund Turbin

In the episode we talk to Edmund Turbin about WP Engine and why you might consider it if you’re in the game for a hosting provider. I’m sure that you’ve heard of WP Engine before, but if you haven’t, they’re a WordPress specific host who do WordPress and nothing else. They have been experiencing amazing growth since they were founded, and it says a lot about the WordPress ecosystem that services such as this can thrive.

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