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307 – Upselling services

Upselling services - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #307
So you're in the business of selling WordPress websites? If you are in that business, then I can guarantee you that there's more money to be made than just getting the site done and then moving on. Today it's all about the upsells that we might offer. We go through a list of things that we've tried in the past, some of which were profitable and easy to do, others of which were hard and lost us money. It's a lottery to be honest! Things that one person excels at, others might be loathed to do. Website hosting, email hosting, design, custom development, social media, content creation, SEO, optimisation... I could go on. In fact, I (we) do in the episode today. Have a listen and then head over to the post and leave us a comment.

305 – How hosting has changed

How hosting has changed - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #305
Welcome to another in the Business Bootcamp series where we relearn everything we know about building WP sites and running a web design business from start to finish. Today we're talking about the way that hosting has changed over the years. In much the same way that you look at a website from 1999 and wonder how that was ever allowed to exist, the same is true for the technology stack that is hosting our WordPress websites. Perhaps, back in the day, you ran servers of your own in your office or house. You then likely moved to something like shared hosting and a VPS. Now we've got managed WordPress hosting companies and cloud services which allow to spin up servers in an instant with just the resources we need. Add to that the interest in headless WordPress, and well, we've got a show on our hands and plenty to talk about.

243 – A different way of doing hosting: Servebolt with Remkus de Vries

A different way of doing hosting: Servebolt with Remkus de Vries - WP Builds Podcast #243
If I got you to list out all of the things that you'd like your WordPress websites to be, I'm pretty sure that the word "fast" would be pretty close to the top of that list. It's super important for your website to be fast. Good hosting is crucial to your website's speed and today on the podcast we've got Remkus de Vries from Servebolt to explain why they think that they're fast, like really fast! There's a whole lot going on with their technology stack which is pretty unique and so it's well worth a listen to the podcast to find out if Servebolt is a good choice for your next WordPress website. Go listen...

236 – ‘N’ is for Numbers

'N' is for Numbers - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #236
WordPress is a huge and growing platform. But, just how huge is it? Well, today we answer this and many other utterly unrelated questions as we lift the lid on the numbers in WordPress. How many plugins, how many WordCamps, number of plugins, which languages. It's all in this episode. When we were researching this, it was honestly amazing just how big some of the numbers get. So join us today as we talk through WordPress by the numbers! Check out the podcast now...

212 – ‘B’ is for Backups

'B' is for Backups - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #210
I'm sure that we've all had experiences with our WordPress websites where things went wrong; the site was hacked, something got deleted. In most cases we can recover, but if the worst comes to the worst we need a backup to save us. As with all things in the WordPress space, we're spoiled in the number of backup options available to us. There's plugins backups, our hosting backups, 3rd party SaaS backups and more. So which should we use? In this episode of the WP Builds Podcast we explore the pros and cons of the different backup types and why you might want to pick one over another. Have a listen to our thoughts on the podcast...

188 – Headless v’s not headless

Headless v's not headless - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #188
This week on the WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast we talk about the subject of static hosting. You've used hosting for years, you know how it works and how to make it work. You're happy. And then people start talking about a clever new way of hosting - static hosting and you've got to throw most of that knowledge out of the window! So... why...? Because it's fast, secure and new, that's why! There really are some major advantages, but there's also some real disadvantages that you need to mindful of; things that might make it a non starter for you and your WordPress website building business. Join us on the podcast today as we talk this whole process through from both sides and see if static hosting is a things that either of us will take on or just some passing technology that's great, but not for us...

179 – A little look at 10Web hosting

179 - A little look at 10Web hosting - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast
So today on the podcast we've got a new hosting provider for you, and that provider is 10Web. They are a platform that is hoping to take care of all of your WordPress needs. The idea is that you set up an account on their platform and then bring in sites that you've already created, or use their suite of tools to get you started. I'm seeing more services like this poppnig up all over the place... buy their service, log in, create a website with a Page Builder and have almost no idea that you're using WordPress at all. Go check out 10Web in the podcast this week.

178 – Hosting clients v’s not hosting clients

178 - Hosting clients v's not hosting clients - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast
We are talking about website hosting. Email hosting seems like a whole other debate, so we're going to avoid that altogther. This is just about hosting, and whether it is worth the hassle of getting your clients to have their hosting through you, or if it's better to just let them sort that out for yourself, leaving you to worry about building websites instead. There is money in them thar' hills though, so perhaps it's worth considering. Then again, it's a real pain the neck when things go wrong, and they will go wrong. So, what should you do, well, listen to the podcast of course!

165 – Creating your own managed WordPress service, and keeping all the margin with Patrick Gallagher

165 - Creating your own managed WordPress service, and keeping all the margin with Patrick Gallagher - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast
On the WP Builds WordPress Podcast today with have Patrick Gallagher from Gridpane. We talk about their mission to save you time and hassle when you build and host WordPress websites. They have a unique product which is being discussed a lot right now. We talk about how the company got started and how it is that they go the extra mile so that you don't have to. It's little things like not making you repeat work that you perhaps don't need to every time your set up a new site. Build a site, save it as a bundle then reuse it over and over again. Pretty much all you need to do it is to name the site, tell Gridpane where you want it to be hosted and click a button, that's literally it. Of course you can bring your own hardware like Digital Ocean, Linode, Google, Amazon etc, or point to an IP address of a box in your house! WordPress installs created, managed, backed up in the least time possible! Go check it out...

150 – Kinsta hosting on Google’s Cloud with Brian Jackson

Kinsta hosting on GoCloud with Brian Jackson - WP Builds WordPress podcast
Today we have a chat with Brian Jackson from Kinsta. Kinsta are a managed WordPress hosting company who have grow rapidly since their inception in 2013. When they started managed WordPress hosting was not the giant business that it was today. In those days we were still opting for shared hosting and VPS hosting. But with the advent of cloud platforms such as Amazon's AWS and Google Cloud, there came an opportunity for people with the skills to leverage those platforms and repurpose them as WordPress specific hosting solutions. Find out how Kinsta works and see if they are a good fit for your next WordPress project.

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