54 – Why choose WP Engine with Edmund Turbin

54 – Why choose WP Engine with Edmund Turbin

In this episode:

GoDaddy Pro

Discussion – GDPR – How little we know!

Interview – Why choose WP Engine with Edmund Turbin

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In the episode we talk to Edmund Turbin about WP Engine and why you might consider it if you’re in the game for a hosting provider.

I’m sure that you’ve heard of WP Engine before, but if you haven’t, they’re a WordPress specific host who do WordPress and nothing else. They have been experiencing amazing growth since they were founded, and it says a lot about the WordPress ecosystem that services such as this can thrive.

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We talk about what they offer, where the machines that your site lives on is, and what it’s actually like to work there!

WP Engine have an amazing reputation and deservedly so. Their platform squeezes every single ounce of optimisation out of their machines so that you can be assured that it’s blazing fast. Not only that, but they take the security of your web site really seriously. This stuff is not to be taken likely, and it’s because of clever people like Edmund that your site, on their platform, is going to be fast and safe.

Today’s “Ending Fact” is AJAX.

News section:

What’s new in Gutenberg?

Delete Me WordPress Plugin Assists Website Owners in Granting the GDPR Right to be Forgotten

WordPress 4.9.1 Released, Fixes Page Template Bug

Quad 9 – Internet Security & Privacy In a Few Easy Steps

ShortPixel image compression

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