61 – Eric Hamm has built a cool new, self hosted IDE for you

61 – Eric Hamm has built a cool new, self hosted IDE for you

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Discussion – Do you need to know code?

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Interview – Eric Hamm has built a cool new, self hosted IDE for you.

Ending Fact – SVG – Scalable Vector Graphics.

It gives me great pleasure to welcome back the the WP Builds podcast Eric Hamm, who is going to be telling us about Instant IDE.

It seems that Eric is one of those people who is always creating new things. I’m not exaggerating when I say that, I really do mean that every couple of months he’s trying his hand at something new!

Lucky for us, Eric is really rather good at actually delivering new things that are well made and useful, and Instant IDE
is no exception.

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Working with WordPress means that you have to have some tools at your disposal, and an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is one of those things.

In the past, your IDE was a desktop app that you downloaded and worked on your Mac, PC or Linux desktop. This all worked well, until we all noticed that we’ve taken just about everything else off our desktops and into the cloud! So why not your IDE?

Instant IDE is a self hosted product that lives outside of your WordPress installation (an important point if you accidentally break your site!) and allows you to work on your WordPress files and directories.

It’s new, but is already a pretty robust product, with autocomplete, tree style directory navigation, colour preferences, in fact pretty much all you could want.

The best part though, is that once you’ve got this up and running you can code away to your hearts content in the coffee shop on your friends computer. You know, living the edream, coding anywhere on any device.

Go check it out and leave us some comments so that Eric, David and I know that you’re listening!

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