216 – ‘D’ is for Database

'D' is for Database #216 of the WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast

It’s the 4th in our series of chats called ‘the A-Z of WordPress’ where we attempt to cover all the major aspects of building and maintaining sites with WordPress. Today, we are really going set pulses racing with the letter ‘D’ for Database! The word alone sounds incredibly dull, and for years I pretended it did not exist. Even now I do anything to avoid directly interacting with it. But I do now appreciate how essential it is to the health and speed of a WordPress website. I’m now quite interested in how plugins and themes interact with the database. All that being said, this episode is one of those where we talk about things that we don’t really understand. Being website builders, both David and I tend to just allow the database to exist and we try to ignore it. There’s loads in here though, so have a listen to the podcast and let us know what you think…

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196 – Coding v non-coding

Coding v non-coding - WP Builds Weekly WordPress Podcast #196

Should you code or just buy plugins, themes and blocks when building your WordPress website? Many people like to know all the code so that they can create sites that so exactly what they want with zero bloat. That’s fine if you’ve got the time and clients who are willing to pay for all that, but these days there’s so many great tools that will enable non-coders to build fantastic WordPress websites. So… to code or not to code, that is the question. Find out what we think on the podcast today…

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