WP Builds Newsletter #68 – WordPress 5.2.2, WordCamp EU and Chrome problem

WP Builds Newsletter #68 – WordPress 5.2.2, WordCamp EU and Chrome problem


This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 17th June 2019:

There is no audio version of the WP Builds Weekly WordPress Newsletter this week. I’m sorry about that. I was at WordCamp Europe last week and I was simply not able to find enough time to make this happen. However, please join me tomorrow when myself, David Waumsley, Paul Lacey and Tom Carless will discuss this Newsletter LIVE! This is at 2pm (UK time) in the WP Builds Facebook group.

WordPress Core

WordPress 5.2.2 Squashes 13 Bugs, more here.

GoDaddy Pro


Matt Mullenweg’s Summer Update at WordCamp Europe 2019: Gutenberg’s Progress and a Preview of Upcoming Features

Page Builder Summit 5.0, 20th-24th Feb 2023

Contribution Time, Sponsored, and Teams Fields Added to WordPress.org User Profiles

Free Event: Post Status to Live Stream Publish Online July 8-9

Jason Bahl Joins the Gatsby Team to Work on WPGraphQL Full-Time

Developers at Yoast and Google Collaborate on Proposal to Add XML Sitemaps to WordPress Core

Plugins / Themes

WP Engine Announces Smart Plugin Manager, World’s Only Comprehensive WordPress Plugin Manager

Gutenberg Drag and Drop Importer, Exporter, Highlight Color Format and more in EditorsKit 1.7

WordPress Toolkit 4.1 and Remote Management of WordPress Sites


Disgruntled security firm discloses zero-days in Facebook’s WordPress plugins

Major Central Release: Alerts, Security Events and Slack Integration

WordPress Vulnerability Roundup: June 2019, Part 1

WP Builds

Helping coders run successful businesses with Hahna Kane Latonick

Not WordPress, but useful anyway…

What’s New in PHP 7.4 (Coming Soon)

New Chrome Security Extension Flags Small Sites as Suspicious

Adobe trained AI to detect facial manipulation in Photoshop

Nathan Wrigley

Nathan Wrigley

Nathan writes posts and creates audio about WordPress on WP Builds and WP Tavern. He can also be found in the WP Builds Facebook group, and on Mastodon at wpbuilds.social.

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