60 – How to create great surveys for your clients with Mark Sinclair from SparkChart

In this episode:

Discussion – Why you should niche down (or not).

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Interview – How to create great surveys for your clients with Mark Sinclair from SparkChart.

Ending Fact – UX / User eXperience.


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Since the dawn of the internet, it was pretty obvious that if you wanted to do anything other than look at “stuff that other people had put there”, you were going to need forms. Forms make the internet interactive. You can submit things to a web site and they can then parse that data, do fun things to it and then present it to you in a different way. So there are forms everywhere, the internet is littered with them.

Turns out that the internet is just about the best way that you can do a survey, a form that allows you to ask people questions and gain insights into what they want and require. Sparkchart is a heavy weight survey tool. It allows you to create surveys for just about any purpose and display the insights that you gain in meaningful ways.

Now some people like tools to be simple, few menus, nothing to learn really. Sparkchart is not that. It’s a fully featured survey tool that allows you to do lots of data wrangling and share that data with whomever you want. In other words there’s a learning curve, but the power that this learning will allow is, in my opinion, worth the time invested.

Although it’s not a WordPress plugin (it’s a SaaS app), this is perhaps something that some of your clients might like to be shown. There’s good business in being able to set up data gathering surveys for your clients and then being able to meaningfully interpret that data to alter their business prospects.

Mark explains about how you can set up surveys, what they might be used for. It’s a fun episode.

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