59 – Ben Pines, tell us about the future of the Elementor Page Builder – Part 2

59 – Ben Pines, tell us about the future of the Elementor Page Builder – Part 2

In this episode:

Discussion – So your client is an amateur artist!

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Interview – Ben Pines, tell us about the future of the Elementor Page Builder – Part 2.

Ending Fact – MVP, Minimum Viable Product.

So, last week Ben spoke about the past of the Elementor Page Builder, how it came to be, what they decided to include / exclude in the beginning, all that good stuff!

Well, Time and Tide Wait for No Man, as nobody has ever said to me, and the Elementor folk are thinking about the future and how the product is going to evolve over the coming years.

The obvious question is how Elementor is going to align with Gutenberg which is now only a few months away. Are Gutenberg and Elementor in opposition or are they going to work in harmony together? Is Gutenberg stealing the idea that existing Page Builders have worked so hard on?

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What are the features that are going to be added to Elementor over the next year? In particular what are the plans to introduce an Elementor Theme Builder, and will it be a new product, or an upgrade to the Pro version of the current product? Also, what’s going on in the longer term?

Another great podcast from Ben, certainly worth a listen to see what’s going on in the long term for Elementor!

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