121 – Automate your social postings using Social Web Suite with Tina Todorovic

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Interview – Automate your social postings using Social Web Suite with Tina Todorovic

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This week we’re joined by Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite, a WordPress plugin which might be of some use for you if you find you’re posting to social media and find it time consuming and frustrating.

I create quite a bit of content (some might say too much!), and in the modern world, most people will not find out about that content from the website itself. People are consuming content in many little silos they have subscribed to. Perhaps they frequent Facebook, possibly hanging out in your Facebook group. They might be heavy Twitter users and see your content in their stream there.

As a content creator it’s up to you to go to these separate channels and post your content so that people can discover it.

This can sometimes takes ages and ages. In fact, if you’re just whipping up a short post, it might take longer to alerts all these channels than it did to create the content in the first place!

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Let’s be clear, nobody ever, ever actually enjoys the process of posting to social media. It’s tedious and time consuming. But, you need to do it, unless you are someone who is super famous and has folk hanging off your every word!

Social Web Suite is a WordPress plugin that hooks into your social media accounts just waiting for your to publish something. As soon as you do, it gets to work making the social media posting nightmare evaporate – it does it all for you.

What does it hook into? Quite a lot actually:

  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • YouTube
  • RSS feeds
  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Wix Weebly
  • Instagram (on the way)
  • Pinterest (on the way)

So what actually happens when I publish a WordPress post? Is there any control of what is posted by Social Web Suite? We, yes, lots.

You can opt to set-it-and-forget-it and hook up the site and allow the plugin to use the default settings, and it will work out fine. But, if you’re like me, you want full control of all-the-things! You can choose what images to push (featured or some other meta data),  you can set the size of the image too, but if you mess that up and your images are not really optimised for the specific platform, Social Web Suite will resize the images on the fly for you so it has the optimal dimensions. You basically set up templates for each platform so that X is pushed to Facebook and Y is pushed to Twitter.

It will also schedule posts for you and you can get very granular with this. For example you might write a Christmas post and only send that out right before the holidays. It can do all of that. You can pick the dates that you want to post and you’re done.

Like I say, if you’re posting to social media and use WordPress, then you should certainly check Social Web Suite out.

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Social Web Suite

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Nathan Wrigley: 00:02 Welcome to the WP podcast, bringing you the latest news from the WordPress community. Now welcome your host, David Walmsley, Nathan Wrigley.

Nathan Wrigley: 00:21 Hello there, and welcome to the WP Builds podcast. This is episode 121 and it's titled Automate Your Social Postings using Social Web Suite with Tina Todorovic. It was published on Thursday the 28th of March, 2019 my name's Nathan Wrigley from pictureandword.co.uk, a small web development agency based in the north of England. A few things before we begin, if you wouldn't mind, heading over to the WP Builds dot com website. There's a few pages I'd like you to look at. Go to the subscribe link at the top and there's a couple of mailing lists you can sign up for. The first one is to get you onto the emails for this podcast and the WordPress weekly news that we do on a Monday and the some of the links on there, so for example, it will allow you to access the podcast feed on iTunes and the Google podcast app.

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Nathan Wrigley: 03:19 Okay. Today we have Tina Todorovic from Social Web Suite and she's talking about her WordPress plugin. Her and her husband have setup this plugin and really is aimed for content creators who are tired of clicking publish in WordPress and then having to go to Facebook, Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Twitter accounts and so on and so forth to publish things. This plugin will automate all of those things so that you press publish in WordPress and it gets sent to all of the different places at different times according to how you set up your schedule. It's very cool and like I say, if you are interested from listening to the podcast, head over to the web webinars page and you can find out about how it works on a live webinar and you can see exactly what's going on in the admin. I hope you enjoy today's episode. Hello there. Thank you for getting to the interview parts of the WP Builds podcast. Really appreciate it. Today on the line from Toronto we have Tina Todorovic. Hi.

Tina Todorvic: 04:21 Hi Nathan. Thank you so much for having me here. And thank you so much for correctly pronouncing my last name.

Nathan Wrigley: 04:29 Joy, I confess a little bit of a practice before hand, but I got it right first time. Yay. The, this is quite an interesting one because although it will mean nothing to you, our listeners to Tina and I have tried and failed so many times to have this conversation because I don't know, I was ill, she was ill, we were both ill and here we are. So finally, finally we've made it onto the call. Tina has got a really interesting plugin for WordPress. Uh, I see, I can't see anybody not being able to make use of it, but for me it's got a whole heap of uses because I produce content regularly. It's called Social Web Suite. And you're going to go to Social Web Suite .com. No spaces, no hyphens or anything like that. And you can check it out there. But first of all, Tina, before we get stuck into the, the products, do you want to tell us a little bit about yourself and how you've come into the WordPress space and got into plugin development?

Tina Todorvic: 05:29 Yes. So my husband who is also the cofounder of Social Web Suite. Uh, and yes, we are husband and wife business partners. And we can tackle that afterwards because that's the first thing that everybody asks us to. Oh my goodness. How is that going on the life and business partners? So yeah, it's not always rosy, but it's fun. Uh, so so my husband is a developer, right. And he started to going into WordPress when he actually got a Gig at the enterprise company here in Toronto, and they were thinking of making a WordPress site for their news, like large news media. And so he went to the, a WordCamp Toronto, actually 2013. And he met a few people there and he really liked it. And then in 2014, it was a work, a WordCamp Montreal.

Tina Todorvic: 06:34 And because I really, really love Montreal as a city and people there and everything. Um, he, he told me to come with him, so I said what like, and I came from business world. I don't know anything about web development. I don't know anything about coding and whatnot. So I told him like, what should I do there? I don't, I will probably not understand any of the talks and those types of things. And he was like, no, no, no, you will see everybody. So friend and nicely friendly and nice. And I'm like, okay, let's go. So we went together to the a WordCamp Montreal. And uh, since then we missed any WordCamp at all. Uh, we, we really liked the people there and the community and you know how WordPress community is really friendly and engaging and you immediately start talking to everybody.

Tina Todorvic: 07:22 And that's the one thing that I really, really enjoyed. Uh, as well as I know a lot of people are that are starting with WordPress. They also have that mindset that a, they don't know if they are going to understand any of the talks. Um, that's why on the WordCamps you have like so many talks, like so many different thoughts. You have like gear talks geared to businesses to design, to development or a bunch of topics. And that's how I found out myself. And the funny stories at that first WordCamp, I really, I didn't know that there are a few tracks, right? So I sat that one room, but like I was lucky I sent that one room and it was mostly like sort of a design slash business talk, right? And it was perfect for me, right. And then I sat there and um, and like I like the talks and I didn't know that I could actually go like, you know after first off kick off, I could go to another override. I didn't like that was my first work yet. So I just sat there the whole time. And, but I enjoy it. I enjoy it, talks a lot. And since I am a person that actually likes to talk to people, I'm like completely opposite an introvert. I, I actually approach people and talk to them immediately.

Tina Todorvic: 08:42 So after that first one that I really, really enjoyed I actually approached to the speaker and I told her, you know what, there is a WordCamp Toronto into because my husband already started getting involved with organizing and helping out with WordCamp Toronto in 2014. So I told her like, there is a WordCamp Toronto, are you interested in coming to speak because like the talk is awesome and she's ready to better awesome speaker and like very well prepared and engaging and like knowledgeable. And she was like, oh, I don't know, I'm going to see whatever. And then she came to Toronto and she told me that uh, the only reason why she applied to speak and came to the wrong things because of me. Oh right. Nice. And that's why I always say to people like, you should, if you really like somebody stock, you should always, you know, approach them. And it's like, it means a lot, you know, because they like speakers or they're volunteers. They pay for their travel, they pay for their accommodations. They are, they are preparing the talk a long time and it's really means a lot when somebody like Molly day that like, you know, that that's like, okay, somebody appreciates all their time and it's really simply validation for them that it's all worth it. Right. Somebody really wants to dot. Yeah.

Nathan Wrigley: 09:55 You, so you say that you're a very sociable person. It's kind of a kind of a perfect segway then to to take us into the fact that you've, you and your husband together have a social plugin. Um, I guess it is this, is this something that you created because you had a need for it or is it something that you saw there was a gap in the market for something like this?

Tina Todorvic: 10:19 Well, both, we, we actually call, we all started is because my husband was a contributor to the other uh, bathroom, like boasts plugin. Okay. Right. And I don't know if that was an old plugin that's basically connect WordPress site with a buffer. Yup. And so he was a contributor there and then he, he actually ended up like working, like doing everything there. And he painted the code and whatever, and then he he wanted to get the pro version, so he started talking to the developer, can we do like a pro version and those types of things. And then the developer has some other plans in his personal life. So he was not interested in you know, working on a plugin. He didn't have time to work on it, so he just sold it to my husband so my husband took it over and a chain to call, like basically updated.

Tina Todorvic: 11:16 You know how it works guys. You have to, you know, are they all the time? Yeah, because of the change is so he updated the code and a release the progression. So that's how it all started. Basically. We have the A, we still have that plugin but because of people are asking like were asking us a lot of questions, like a lot of new features, how to add like a bunch of stuff in a plugin. But because you have a plugin that it's actually you just connect your WordPress site to the buffer and yeah, all the things that people were asking us is related to buffer. So we cannot, like we are not developers of Buffer. Right. We cannot change. They are already are. So that's how we figured it out. Oh my goodness. There is a need for this because like so many, like we, we, we, we, we used to have like at least one may email daily asking us about things that we couldn't change that are related to buffer. So we figured out, okay, look how about instead of like, you know, saying all those people know how about we try to make our own social media platform.

Nathan Wrigley: 12:18 Yeah. Well I mean I, like I said, this is perfect for somebody like me. Well, I'll, I will try and describe what it does. And then when I fall short and simply on the salad, you, you tell me what I did wrong. But essentially, you know, if you're a modern blogger, you produce a podcast, you create any content whatsoever. The, the, the problem is that you press publish and that's kind of where it ends. You know, these days there's so much content being created, it's hard to be noticed. So what we all try and do is as soon as you press publishes, you go over to Facebook and you copy the URL and write a short excerpt and press publish over there. And then you go to Twitter and do the same thing. And then you go over to Instagram and whatever, do the same thing.

Nathan Wrigley: 13:02 And before you know it, you've spent as long going to all these different platforms, writing the bits and pieces as you did creating the piece of content in the first place. So this plugin is built into WordPress. You link all of your social accounts and you press publish once and then it pushes it out to all of those social accounts, but it does more in that it will create kind of like, um events in the future for you as well. A little bit like buffer does. I'm going to stop there. Have I, is that about right?

Tina Todorvic: 13:35 Yes. Yes. Basically, yes. Uh, the, the uh, the good thing is the well barrier thing then others is that yeah. That that has a deep integration with WordPress and then we are pulling out all the categories matter tags, everything from the word breast. Right. Uh, the other thing is that we also have the recycling or repurposing your old posts. Yes. So because you know, you are a content creator and you have a lot of posts and like podcasts and a lot of content everywhere. Uh, but unfortunately not everybody has the time to create a lot of content or they are not you know, they are not doing that. So they want to and they want to repurpose their old posts. You know how it on Twitter, there is like only like your message is only visible for a few seconds, like maybe even a minute. And you'll have to post it like a few times. So if you want people to see it, right? Yes. So so that's why however plugin and a platform is perfect for that as well. So basically you can just schedule it whenever you want it to be a repeated and then it repeats every week.

Nathan Wrigley: 14:51 Let's draw that back in a little bit and go into, go into some detail about how it all works. I suppose one of the first questions there's always going to be asked is which of the social networks or platforms outside of WordPress, can we hook up to Social Web Suite?

Tina Todorvic: 15:08 Yes. So for now we have integrations with a Twitter, a Facebook pages and groups because the paid Facebook profile is no longer be a note third party. Those cannot can post to Facebook profile anymore since last year. Yes. And and that Linkedin profile and company page the incident, I'm integration is coming soon as well. Great. Uh we don't have, well we wanted to get the Google plus, but we will not now because you know they're closing down. That's right. Yeah. Yep. So, and then after Instagram we gonna do Pinterest as well. Yes. And we also have the integration with YouTube .

Nathan Wrigley: 15:52 Oh, okay. That's intriguing. Okay. So let me just recap that. So you've got Facebook, multiple locations, Twitter, Linkedin, multiple locations you've also got the capability in the future. You're saying Pinterest and Instagram, which I think probably is the other two that most people are using. Um, that, that would be a good question to ask at this point is, well, what's, what, are there any others apart from those two that you're thinking about adding on? I know, for example, that the generation of my daughter who was a teenager, she, she's using all sorts of apps that I've not no familiarity with like snapchat and things like that. Are there any others planned as well?

Tina Todorvic: 16:34 Uh, you know what, for now Instagram, basically what would we, how we integrate with others platforms is from our users feedback, right? So they are asking us do you can't be ceramic or when are you gonna implement and those types of things. And for now all of our users are asking for Instagram and Pinterest. That's like those are the two. That's why we are obviously doing the integrations with those two. Yep. And, and then afterwards, if somebody, if he can people like, you know, interests in other platforms, then we're going to integrate obiously. Okay. Uh, the great thing is as well not only with WordPress, so we, our RSS feed, we actually tested it and we integrate with Shopify, Squarespace, wix, Weebly. Then yeah, that's pretty much it.

Nathan Wrigley: 17:22 Oh, that's interesting. So you've got an RSS feed option. Well, how does that work? Is that listening for RSS feeds on other platforms and then sucking it in to the, the WordPress plugin and then posting it out to Facebook and whatnot.

Tina Todorvic: 17:38 So basically with the platform, you can connect your RSS feed or anybody else's on RSS feed, it doesn't really matter. Okay. So you just go to the, for, for the, you know, how far the WordPress site you go to the site. And then slash, feed, that's, Yup. Mostly a URL for the feed. Right. Um, so you go there and then you just add that RSS feed and then it will show up all the posts from that feed. You just schedule it and that's it. Like A, we will post from the newest to the oldest from that speed.

Nathan Wrigley: 18:11 Oh, that's fascinating. Okay. That's really interesting because when you've got custom post types and categories and things like that, you know, you can have feeds for those categories. And sometimes creating a feed for a category within your WordPress website is, is actually what you want to do, you know, not the main post feed. That's really interesting. Um, so tell me when something is posted out to Facebook. I do. I have a lot of, well, Facebook and others do I have much control over what goes out. So for example does it automatically take the app at the excerpt or does it truncate to the body? Can it post images and so on and so forth?

Tina Todorvic: 18:49 You have the full control? Yeah, so basically we have so we have two types of users. The type of users that they don't want to have like a magical level of control. They want us to deal with everything. Uh, we call them like set it and forget it. Right? That's what actually they when I was interviewing people, like, why are you like using us a, so they, that's what they said. That's why I called the right, who sold. They just want to hook up like their side with this and they don't want a deal. They don't have time actually. They want to, you know, spend that time doing their like helping with their business. So basically they just hook up the site and we do everything for them. So it's like all already set up so you don't have to do anything if you don't want them.

Tina Todorvic: 19:32 Uh, and then the other type of users are more professional. It's more experienced. A content creator, social media managers, they can tell marketers, did they, they have, they want to have full control over everything, right? Yes. And uh, and that's perfect for them as well. So although we came like completely fully set up, you have a control of everything. So you can change anything. You want a yes, we post the images obviously. Uh, last we also have a a, so we pulled either featured image from your WordPress website or if you have a Amanda tags, we pulled the mayor to debt. You already put in like Yoast plugin or whatever if you're using plugins for a site. Uh, so as I said, the light, because we have a few different types of users, featured images are for users that don't know what is like metatags in like open part and those types of things. So they could just attach a future damage to the boss and that's it. They don't need to do anything else. Uh, the we also have in our backend because a, not everybody knows what's the best size image to be shown on Twitter or Facebook or Linkedin and those types of things. So sometimes our users, scab for example, for a feature the image, like the sizes that are not looking good. Yeah. Right? Yup. Yup. So what we do in our background on air, we actually tried that. And if it is not really the, the size, it will look good on either Facebook or Twitter or whatever social profile that users are posting too. We resize it so it could, it will look good.

Nathan Wrigley: 21:07 Oh, nice. Oh, that's great. So you don't even have to think about that. You just put an image up and it will crop it for you and send it out. Oh, that's, yes. Yes. Didn't realize. Okay.

Tina Todorvic: 21:16 Especially because you know how every, every social bro like a natural, they have their own special the rules for the images, like the sizes and you know, if your messages or posts or, you know, a special Facebook and Linkedin as well. So yeah, that's, that's the thing that we have as well in a backend and a, yeah, we have so many different options like for further different messages. We even have a different options for each social profile. Basically, you can, you can decide for each social profile to share different messages, different Hashtags, a different day or anything.

Nathan Wrigley: 21:52 Okay. And you create like a template. Then do you have the hair? Is My Facebook template. Here is my Twitter template and I want them to be slightly different and have different hashtags and so on. Okay. Yeah, that all makes perfect sense. So I set it up and I can forget it at that point if I wish. And then when I publish something on my website, it will, it will take over and do all of that stuff without me thinking about it. Are the other, can I limit? So for example, can I turn it off for certain posts so it'll do nothing. So this post, I don't want to be posted out on check the box and we're off. Yes,

Tina Todorvic: 22:29 yes, we have that. Uh, so basically what we try to do is, and I hope we were successful with it. Uh, so we our plugin is really lightweight plugin for WordPress, so we try to be like lightweight as possible, yet still have some settings within the plugin that are needed for like content creators. Um, so we are very proud that our plugin doesn't affect any performance or security or anything. Uh, and we have been tested with a few hosting companies for that. Uh, so you have the settings within the WordPress text editors. So basically when you are writing a post underneath, there are a few settings that you can do. Yep. So if you don't want that post to be shared, you'll just click don't share this post and that's, that post will never be shared.

Tina Todorvic: 23:19 Okay. Uh, we also have a sat things that that that is good for example, for a Christmas promotions. So for example, you know, during the Halloween or Christmas or you know, people have some kind of promotions and they are writing posts and those types of things. So yeah, we kept those as well. So basically you can just put like, I want this post only to be shared between those dates and then you put these dates and that will be a, that post will only be shared between those two dates. And that's it. Like, once when you PR promotion stops, the post will not be shared anymore.

Nathan Wrigley: 23:50 Intriguing. Now, one of the one of the things that I really think is important when your social sharing this stuff out socially is the, the ability, as you alluded to earlier, not just to do it once, because if all it did was a send it out at the moment, you press publish, well half of the world's going to be asleep, the other half will be doing something else. So I think it's important to, well not trying to be spammy, but try to create the same content but recycled, let's use that word, recycle, the same thing. And I know that that's a big part of what you do. Um, tell us how that works. Are there any limitations? Can we share the same post and on limited number of times? Can we kind of pick and choose the dates that it goes out on and so on?

Tina Todorvic: 24:39 Uh, so yes we also have, well, because we obviously have to follow rules and terms of conditions for all the social networks that we integrate with, right? So for example Twitter last year they change a lot of rules. So one of those are that they they, they are not allowing in posting the same message all over again on the same with account. Right. So that with, with our WordPress plugin settings, you, we have like a custom messages, so customize the templates we call them. So basically you can put like 12 different messages and they will go instead of your classical like title and Url or a message or something like that. So you, you, you, you can share a completely different message for the same post.

Nathan Wrigley: 25:31 I see. Um, so you can space those out at the time of your choosing. So for example, I might say, okay, this first message post immediately, then wait for two days, post the second one, wait for a week and then a month and so on. And that's how it works.

Tina Todorvic: 25:49 Yes. Currently it, this is only available within WordPress blog in but we are working on those kinds of templates for the amp as well. So basically you can you can just say the templates and the cab, those messages within an app as well.

Nathan Wrigley: 26:10 Okay. Sorry, I'm, I'm confused now. What's the app? Do you have like a, a SaaS version of this sweet happening at the same time as the, the WordPress version. Okay.

Tina Todorvic: 26:21 Because the so our platform, you don't have to have like word site. Obviously we we came from the WordPress world. Right. And that's why I camp the best integration with WordPress. But if you don't want to use, or if you don't have a birthday site, you can use us. We are RSS feed or we are just studies.

Nathan Wrigley: 26:40 Yeah. Now I see the purpose of the RSS feed. Yes. Was Kinda wondering about that. So you can suck in RSS feeds from Drupal, Joomla, whatever you like and it will work and you can log in to the web version and carry out the same activities. Yeah. Yeah. Um, are there ways, so for example let's say that I want to, it's coming up to Christmas and I've got a post that I've just produced and I want to have, have a post on the first and the third and the fifth and so on. Do you have something like a sort of calendar view where I can, oh actually it would be better if I dragged it over to the seventh instead. Can you do that kind of thing?

Tina Todorvic: 27:17 Yes, yes. We have a calendar and Elise view because uh, some people like calendar, some people prefer list view so that we have both. And yes you can drag and drop everything. You can edit, delete, schedule, everything like the on the, on the calendar, a bolt on our calendar, and a list view, whichever you like better. Uh, we also have a calendar like for a view of daily, a weekly and monthly. So whatever you prefer.

Nathan Wrigley: 27:46 Right, right. Okay. I've got it. Um, okay. I'm looking over at your website at the moment and I'm, I'm looking at the, the sort of pricing page. I'm just wondering if we spend a few minutes talking about the, the sort of different offers that you've gotten, what those tiers are. Cause I can see four main ones that we've got small starter growth and business. I think for everybody here it's always good to know what the difference is is. Um, so let's go through those.

Tina Todorvic: 28:14 Yes. So basically mostly the pricing difference, how many social protocols you have. Okay. And if you need a one users or multiple users, the login.

Nathan Wrigley: 28:29 Okay.

Tina Todorvic: 28:29 So for, for example, for small businesses or for one person business they usually use either a small or a starter plan.

Nathan Wrigley: 28:42 Okay.

Tina Todorvic: 28:43 Cause that's for one user and for either 10 social accounts or 25 social accounts, that just depends how many social accounts they they have and they want to connect to. Okay. Uh, for the medium size businesses or for a social media managers that are handling, they have clients that are taking care of, they are a social media posting. Uh, so they are using the growth and business plants. Uh, so they, that's where you have like a multiply you multiple users in more social accounts. So 50 and 75 if you need more, if you need more. We actually have the, a white labelling. We offer white labelling services as well. Um, and costume development before they get sample. For Large Enterprises. They always, well they usually have some custom that they want a, especially for them built in. So we do that as well.

Nathan Wrigley: 29:46 Okay. Um, so essentially the smaller plans are for one user with 10 social accounts, then you go up to the starter plan, which is one, one user, but this time with 25 social accounts. And then for those people whose job it is, I suppose to manage things you can use three uses on the growth plan with 50 accounts. And the business plan is a five users with 75 accounts with my, let's say for example, I was to take out the, the starter plan one user, but 25 accounts. Can I share those users out on a couple of WordPress websites or do they all have to be locked in to the, the one profile attached to one website?

Tina Todorvic: 30:30 No, you can, you can, you can connect unlimited WordPress sites and unlimited RSS feeds.

Nathan Wrigley: 30:35 Oh, that's good to know. So as many as you can. Yeah. Right. I see. So the one user is simply the mi or the news. I can log in wherever I, okay, that's great. Yes,

Tina Todorvic: 30:46 you can. For example for the really, really small businesses, they only have like 25 social accounts, but they have maybe two or three people that want to handle this. Yes. They can share that one user a profile. Basically. They don't need to go with, you know, if they can less social accounts. Yes,

Nathan Wrigley: 31:04 I've got it. Um, another thing which we always get asked to ask people like you is to talk about any features. Now, we talked about possible integrations with Pinterest and Instagram in the future, so we know about that. But is there any, is there anything to be shared regarding a roadmap for the, for the future of Social Web Suite?

Tina Todorvic: 31:26 So we are currently working on a version two, so this is I guess the best time we could talk about that. Um, and we are hoping that we are now testing it actually, and it's on our development server. We were just testing it out. Uh, so we are hoping that it will be ready at the beginning of March, um to, to be released. So what we found out and how we actually get to this version two is because we have been out for one year, we had been alive for one year and we have a lot of feedback, you know, from our users. And that's how we realize that we, we had to simplify all the processes for them as much as we can. So what do we do now is as I said, those set it and forget it user.

Tina Todorvic: 32:22 So we now even simplified for them. It's about more basically you can just come connect your side, connect your bitly account if you want. I forgot to mention that we have integration with beat Lee as well as we pulled up. Yeah. Yup. Analytics analytics from bt as well within the hour. So you can check the link clicks and everything, which speed is really great. That's why I always tell people to connect. And bitly is free, so you can always, you know open the account. So a connector, bitly connect your source, which is RSS feed or YouTube or WordPress. And then and then either schedule, either you can schedule your own, if you have your, your preferences exactly what each time you want every week to be repeated like the post, or you can leave that scheduling to us. So we will schedule everything for you.

Tina Todorvic: 33:16 That's the starter schedule, basically based on best practices and may influence the recommendations and those types of things like that. We talked about it. Uh, you know, for Linkedin you should post once a daily, and that's pretty much enough because that's like a business platform. I want to spam people there. Or Facebook, you can post one or two times and then for Twitter you have to post at least four times a daily because it's really short a period that your post is actually, that your message is actually seed. I did not know that. There you go. So that's why we, yeah, well it looks like they say four to six times. So basically, so that's why we put that sort of scheduling as well as, um we have because we are pulling all the stuff from the WordPress already and we have a scheduling per categories from the WordPress. So now we, we made everything into categories. So the everybody likes content categories because it's better organized and they can't have like for example you know how people are grumpy on Monday morning because it's Monday.

Tina Todorvic: 34:26 So yeah. So you don't want to push your serious posts on Monday morning because people will not really be happy reading something like that when they are already grumpy that because they have to work. So you have to put like you post them something like funny or some infomercial or some tips and tricks and those like short messages that going to like, and so our schedule is based on that as well, like on, on a psychology, what goes best when, so yeah, we took a lot of time to like feel that everything. So yeah. But basically once, when you finish with own boarding, which is only like four steps, it's not like a long, so you, you have everything scheduled. Uh, but our scheduling is paused until you are really happy with it. So you can still change everything. Nothing will be shared. You can still change everything, whatever. You don't wanna delete added, you know, drag and drop and uh, or delete our schedule completely if you don't like it. And all this stuff. This is great. Yes, yes, yes, yes. That's, that's our main goal. Then as I said, once when we finished with this and release it then we gonna do the Instagram integration and mobile app

Nathan Wrigley: 35:49 A mobile app, go on. But it sounds interesting.

Tina Todorvic: 35:51 Well, the mobile app, obviously the first version of it will be just for the you know, when you are on a conference for example, and you want to pull something immediately, you know, you're taking a picture. And because we go to a lot of conferences, so that's why, you know there is a need for it. There'll be a c for us. So for now, you can log it for mobile, but it's easier if you can have a mobile app. They just, yeah.

Nathan Wrigley: 36:15 You know the camera right there and all of that sort of stuff. Yeah.

Tina Todorvic: 36:18 Yes. And you, y'all just got the camera and here I'm enjoying this like awesome talk from some great speaker and those types of things. So basically, and then you just had those hash tags, whatever. Yeah.

Nathan Wrigley: 36:32 Yup. It's easy. Great.

Tina Todorvic: 36:35 I think so. Yeah. Yeah, I think that's, that's a, that that will be easier for people. And then later on our plan is to, as I said, the add those templates, which I hope you're going to like it. We have like a few ideas how to do it and we are trying to incorporate all of them. So we're going to see how that's going to work. So as I said, because we have a few different types of users, so you know, what, one of them, like a sort of a missing letter. Why does, yes. You know, holiday yeah. Pulls up. So we already do that with our RSS feed. We already pulled a pull everything from the RSS feed. So basically we already have that in the backend.

Nathan Wrigley: 37:21 This is very exciting. You've got lots going on. Really? Yes. Hello. A big, a big, big push. Um, it's obviously you've been going for a year and you've got a lot of growth. Um, you can go over to the websites. Uh, if you go over to Social Web Suite.com there is a video about three inches from the top. It's probably the best way of describing how it works is to just watch that video because it shows you in very simple terms where everything is what it looks like, how you will move stuff, how you will actually update your content and post it and make sure it's configured correctly. But also possibly worth mentioning is that along with that pricing, there is a 14 day free trial, and should you decide that you want to go for it. Team has been very, very generous. She's given us a code.

Nathan Wrigley: 38:10 A WP Builds is the offer code. Now it's capital W, capital P, capital B, and then the rest of it is all in small letters. I'll post it in the show notes, but that's going to get you a 30% off for the first three months of your account. So WP bills 30% off for the first three months of your account. That's very generous. Thank you so much for that. Um, just before we go, Tina, I was going to ask, is there is normally I ask this of people because they, you know, we don't know what their social standing is and we don't know what their profile is and things, but I guess you've said this a million times. Tell us where you can be found on the Internet and what your Twitter feed is and all of that kind of stuff.

Tina Todorvic: 38:57 So, well for the Social Web Suite, we have a page, like the Facebook page. We have the Twitter, everything is Social Web Suite, and the Linkedin profile, Instagram and Pinterest. So everything is Social Web Suite, wherever you go. Yeah, it's easy, right? Yeah. For me personally you can find me on Linkedin. Tina Todorovic. Uh, on Facebook Dina doric or on a WordPress.org or on Twitter or Tina T. Oh, like a Toronto and Todorovic at the same time. Yeah,

Nathan Wrigley: 39:38 I see. I'm sorry. T, O. D. O. R. O. V. I. C. There were so many hours. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I really thought about that. But it's Todorovic get it right. Yeah. So yeah, obviously Tina is everywhere on the Internet because that's what she's got that. So her business is to be everyone internet. It's a really great products. It looks like the perfect solution for people who, well, a use WordPress lots, everybody listening to this, but be produce content and want that content to be read more, discovered more. This is the way to do it, isn't it? You know, get it out on social, but don't waste a ton of time doing it. Um, Tina, thanks for coming on and telling us all about Social Web Suite. I really appreciate it.

Tina Todorvic: 40:22 Thank you so much for having me. And Yeah, if anybody has any questions, my email is Tina had socialwebsuite. com. I'm happy to answer all those questions and reply to emails or if you just want to say hi. I am happy for that as well.

Nathan Wrigley: 40:37 Much thanks very much indeed.

Tina Todorvic: 40:40 Thank you. Have a nice day.

Nathan Wrigley: 40:42 Okay. I hope you enjoy that. If you were listening to that podcast episode and you were thinking, I'd really like to see how that works. Go to WPBuilds.com forward slash webinars and on there somewhere we'll be the Social Web Suite link and you can watch the Webinar that we did and you can actually see all the screens and how it all works. If you fancy doing that.

Nathan Wrigley: 41:05 The WPBuilds podcast was brought to you today by WP and UP. One in four of us will be directly affected by mental health related illness. WP and UP supports and promotes positive mental health within the WordPress community. This is achieved through mentorships, events, training and counseling. Please help enable WP and UP by visiting WP and UP.org forward slash give together we can hashtag press forward.

Nathan Wrigley: 41:36 Okay. Thanks for listening this week. Maybe I'll see you again on Monday for the WordPress weekly news that we put out, 15 minutes of audio content telling you about what happened in the previous week. Well, concerning WordPress. If we don't see you, then maybe we'll see you on Thursday for the podcast episode and perhaps we'll see on a webinar or two. I'm going to fade in. What is some really seriously cheesy music this week and say bye bye for now.

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