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119 – Using Groundhogg to self host your email marketing with Adrian Tobey

Using Groundhogg to self host your email marketing with Adrian Tobey - WP Builds

Email marketing is usually the domain of expensive SaaS apps. Well, not any more. With the Groundhogg WordPress plugin you can automate all-the-things from inside your website! It’s got lots of customisation options and works with a visual builder, just like the services that you’re currently using. Adrian comes on to tell us about how it all got started and how the plugin works and what scenarios it might be useful for…

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85 – Create a turnkey website business with WordPress… Matthew Rodela did

85 - Create a turnkey website business with WordPress... Matthew Rodela did

We’ve all had that dream… Create a platform that you can set free unto the world. A platform that will allow you to gather new customers who would like to use your product, even though they’ve never talked to you before. A platform that will automate all the things so that you can sit on a beach drinking expensive cocktails and… erm… you get the (somewhat exaggerated) idea! Seriously though. How many times have you thought about leveraging WordPress so that it could be used a platform that could automate your website building business? I know that I have. Unlike you and I, Matthew Rodela stuck at it and has managed to create a business which pretty much automates the creation of websites and his customer base. He’s leveraging that well known but under explored feature of WordPress – Multisite.

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