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Sending form data to a Trello board from Elementor with Kyle Van Deusen – Contribute #3

Sending form data to a Trello board from Elementor with Kyle Van Deusen – Contribute #3

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In this, the third of the WP Builds contribute series, Kyle Van Deusen teaches us how he uses the Elementor Form module to send data from that form directly to Trello.

Trello is a Kanban style task manager that allows you to see what you’ve got to do on cards. Kyle creates a form and links that up to Trello with the Trello board email that they provide. The data goes directly from the form to the board with all of the field’ data. It elegant and simple and really effective.

The latest task gets put to the bottom of the list and Kyle is notified that it has been created, he can then go and decide what priority to give it.

We run into a problem in the video trying to get one of the form fields to auto-populate the tag in Trello. After the video was recorded we figured it out!

Kyle says:

To get the label to ACTUALLY work you just need to add the Form ID shortcode into the end of the subject line of the submission email. So, in the example I did, it actually needed to look like this:

[field id=”company”] Support Request [field id=”3aecbb1″]

I have no idea why the video quality is so poor, but I suspect that it’s my Mac! Sorry about that Kyle.


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