85 – Create a turnkey website business with WordPress… Matthew Rodela did

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Discussion – Website caching… is it worth it? – [3:30]

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Interview – Create a turnkey website business with WordPress… Matthew Rodela did – [19:39]

Ending Fact – 52% of website visitors want to see ‘about us’ information – [56:10]

We’ve all had that dream… Create a platform that you can set free unto the world. A platform that will allow you to gather new customers who would like to use your product, even though they’ve never talked to you before. A platform that will automate all the things so that you can sit on a beach drinking expensive cocktails and… erm… you get the (somewhat exaggerated) idea!

Seriously though. How many times have you thought about leveraging WordPress so that it could be used a platform that could automate your website building business? I know that I have. The problem is that I never have enough time to do this and work out all the kinks and problems. There’s too many other things to do and this always gets put on the back-burner.

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Unlike you and I, Matthew Rodela stuck at it and has managed to create a business which pretty much automates the creation of websites and his customer base. He’s leveraging that well known but under explored feature of WordPress – Multisite.

There’s no magic here and Matthew is very honest and revealing about how it’s all done. It’s basically a mixture of WordPress, the right plugins, good hosting and time.

Matthew has spent a long time thinking about all this; weighing up the plugins and systems that work and then giving that knowledge to you lot. His Turnkey Websites Blueprint Course is a good place to start, because it has all of his insights in one place, but if you’re more of the tinkering kind and like to work this stuff out for yourself, then there’s a Facebook Group which is good place to go. It’s super cool and full of kind and insightful people sharing their knowledge.

What I like about Matthew’s approach is that it’s very ‘down-to-earth’. It’s a process that you and I could all follow with almost zero understanding of code and / or WordPress. You just have to follow the instructions and then apply dedication; and that’s the point right? What’s holding you back here is not the technology, it’s the time and willingness to get this thing up and and running and then the drive and motivation to hustle this thing in to profitability. That’s the hard bit.

Speaking of the technology, Matthew mentions in the podcast about a comparison chart that he put together to show which of the three plugin solutions that he’s tested have which features. It’s great to see this all side-by-side so that you don’t have to do the work to figure it all out! You can find that comparison chart here.

It’s all sound too easy, but as we know it isn’t that, but you can see the fruits of Matthews labour in this own Turnkey Website Platform here. He’s very upfront about the fact that it’s not going to win any design awards, but that’s not the point, it’s purpose is to serve his niche, and for them, it works just fine.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the episode, connect with Matthew and get your WordPress website business automated!

As a head’s up, I’m interviewing the creator of the plugin which ‘wins’ Matthew’s comparison chart contest, and I’ll be posting that as soon as it’s ready!

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Facebook group

Turnkey Websites Membership Plugins Comparison Chart

Matthew’s turnkey platform

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