WP Builds Newsletter #21 – Gutenberg madness; disable it, theme it and finally send android messages from your PC

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 9th July 2018:

New Classic Editor Addon Plugin Disables the “Try Gutenberg” Prompt Coming in WordPress 4.9.8
“Gutenberg development continues along the roadmap Matt Mullenweg announced at WordCamp Europe with WordPress 4.9.8 set to introduce a “Try Gutenberg” prompt to increase usage and testing. Core design contributors are currently working on a few new iterations of the callout. They are also considering including a section inside the prompt with an option to install the Classic Editor plugin in preparation for Gutenberg…”

The ‘Try Gutenberg’ release schedule – Torque Toons
Nothing to write here, you have to go look at it!

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Array Launches Free Gutenberg-Ready Atomic Blocks Theme on WordPress.org
“Mike McAlister and the team at Array Themes have fully embraced Gutenberg and are one of the first shops on the scene with a free WordPress theme designed specifically to work with the new editor. The Atomic Blocks theme is now available on WordPress.org with minimal styling and seamless support for all core content and media blocks…”

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Gutenberg News
This site is dedicated to only one thing, that thing that you simply cannot get enough of… Gutenberg! Made by the people who made the previously mentioned theme.

Beaver Builder – Summer Update – Sneak Peaks, New Features, and More
“While summer is in full swing, the development team has managed to stay very busy. We have updates and alpha versions across the board—Page Builder, Beaver Themer, and the BB Theme are all getting some exciting new features and enhancements…”

You Can Now Sign the WordPress Developer Honor Code
“A couple of months back I wrote a really long (sorry!) and really impassioned article about: Why many or most WordPress clients are having a bad experience – Why I think WordPress development needs a Developer Code of Honor to fix this, and – What I think that Code of Honor should contain. The article generated a lot of really helpful feedback, which I appreciated hugely, and enough interest that I felt encouraged to move forward…”

Page Builder Framework – WooCommerce Integration
“It’s available for free as it’s a part of the Page Builder Framework theme (no Premium Add-On required). That makes Page Builder Framework one of the most advanced, free WordPress themes available. More good news – it will get even better. Later this year I’ve planned to release phase 2 of the WooCommerce integration that will include more advanced features and be a part of the Premium Add-On…”

Working on your own website — Draft Podcast
“In this episode, the Brians discuss the challenges of working on your own business website, when your company offers services or makes products for websites. Agencies often disregard their own websites, as do product companies. We discuss our own histories of attempting in-house redesign projects, strategies to get them done, and how we approach things today owning our own tiny businesses…”

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

How to Send Android Messages From a Web Browser
Google has finally made it possible for Android users to send text messages from their web browser, a feature that iPhone/iMessage users have had for… forever. Once you set it up, you’ll be able to get text messages from your phone on your computer and be able to respond to them, all while your phone is safely tucked away in a purse or desk drawer. Getting it to work does require a tiny bit of set up…”

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WP Builds WordPress Podcast



WP Builds WordPress Podcast
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