84 – Build 48 websites in a weekend for good causes with Adam Walker

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Interview – Build 48 websites in a weekend for good causes with Adam Walker – [21:09]

Ending Fact – Gutenberg – [54:40]

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We do have some cool guests on this podcast don’t we? Yes we do, and this week is no different. It’s not about a plugin or a theme, or how to run your business. No… this is about philanthropy and doing nice things for people who need nice things to be done for them. It’s about 48in48.org.

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Adam Walker is the man behind it all and so he’s on to tell you about it and hopefully get you involved.

The idea is really very simple… there’s a whole load of deserving people out there who are trying to be good. They do good things with their time and make the world a better place. Sadly though, many of these good things don’t make a lot of money and so they cannot afford to have websites built for them. Adam thought, I should try to solve that, and solve it he did!

Adam and his team take requests for people and organisations who would like to have a footprint on the web. They sift through them and somehow decide which ones have most merit. They then go back to those people and say, “you’re in, now send us all your content”.

Then loads of people like you go to a venue on a given weekend and meet up with loads of other people who also want to take part. Someone pushes a button on a giant clock (I just made that bit up, I don’t think there is a giant clock!) and the countdown begins. A 48 hour countdown.

In that time 48 websites will be conceived, created and launched into the world and the UNESCO metric for World Happiness goes up just a little bit.

The people getting the websites are happy because they have a website and can spread their message over the internet, you are happy because you did something good and knew that you were doing it because you’re a kind person and Adam is happy because, well, he just seems really happy, as you’ll hear on the podcast.

This is web philanthropy at it’s best. Free software, free time, free websites.

Please go to 48in48.org and see if you can help out.

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