WP Builds Newsletter #22 – WordPress 4.9.8 improvements, UI fun and weird divs

WP Builds Newsletter #22 – WordPress 4.9.8 improvements, UI fun and weird divs

This weeks WordPress news – Covering The Week Commencing 16th July 2018:

WordPress 4.9.8 Beta 1
“It’s that time again, we have a new beta release package for 4.9.8, and we’d love your help testing it out. It’s important to make sure that a release is fully tested and bugs are squashed. If you’re new (or it’s been a while) you can checkout the guide for helping to test a beta version. This beta release contains 21 bug fixes, 9 enhancements and 2 blessed tasks. The purpose of this release has been to focus on additional enhancements for privacy in WordPress (following up on the tremendous work done for 4.9.6), as well as adding a callout to try the new Gutenberg editing experience…”

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WordPress 4.9.8 Will Significantly Reduce Memory Leak
“WordPress 4.9.8 Beta two recently shipped and although much of the focus will be on the “Try Gutenberg” call-out, there’s a patch included that addresses a memory leak that was quite a problem for some users. When WordPress 4.9.7 shipped, the WordPress.org support forums saw an increase in reports of memory exhausted errors due to the wp_is_stream function…”

First Look at “Try Gutenberg” Prompt in WordPress 4.9.8 Beta 2
“WordPress 4.9.8 Beta 2 was released today, featuring the new “Try Gutenberg” prompt that will appear in user dashboards when the official release drops at the end of the month. The prompt invites users to install Gutenberg if they want to try the new editor or install the Classic Editor to keep using the current editor until they are ready to make the change. WordPress contributors discussed variations on the design and wording of the callout and finally settled on what you see in 4.9.8 Beta 2…”

Gutenberg 3.3 Released, Adds Archives and Recent Comments Blocks
“Gutenberg 3.3 is available and continues the trend of refining the user experience, user interface, and tools. Two new Widget blocks have been added, Post Archives and Recent Comments…”

Why the makers of Ninja Forms are getting into eCommerce
In this episode, of the ‘Post Status Draft Podcast’ Brian Krogsgard talks with James and Kevin — cofounders of the Ninja Forms product — to discuss why their next leg of their business is in the competitive landscape of eCommerce.

Announcing MainWP and WP Security Audit Log Integration
“Today we are happy to announce that we have been working together with the WP Security Audit Log team to develop a WordPress activity log solution for MainWP. In the tradition we started back in 2015 with site Backups we continue to defer to the experts when it comes to complicated problems. What makes this extra exciting for us, is that is one of our first true third party integrations where we have worked hand in hand with the developers and the fact that the WP Security Audit Log plugin is the most comprehensive WordPress activity log plugin solution, both in terms of features and coverage…”

Elementor – Introducing Filter Effects & Blend Modes
“Using Filter Effects & Blend Modes, you can turn your experience as a designer into a limitless playground, allowing you to produce a broader spectrum of designs. Instead of switching back and forth between Photoshop and Elementor, you can accomplish amazing results – all on one platform…”

Smart Slider 3 – Split Slider
This is an interesting split screen UI which is quite fun to look at. Not much to say other than it’s quite cool and you can do this with Smart Slider!

New WordPress Feature Plugin Adds Support for Progressive Web Apps
“WordPress contributors are working on getting support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) into core. A new PWA feature plugin is now available on WordPress.org, spearheaded by the teams at XWP, Google, and Automattic. Progressive Web Apps are applications that run on the web but provide a speedy app-like experience inside a mobile browser…”

Toolset Maps 1.5 with Azure Maps, Google Street View, and ordering by distance
“The Toolset Maps 1.5 release brings support for Azure Maps API. This gives you more choice for selecting the best map service provider given the latest changes to Google Maps API pricing. Besides this, we added support for Google Street View, ordering Views by distance, and more…”

iThemes Enters the Hosting Space
“iThemes is getting into the hosting business after launching three plans that take advantage of its relationship with Liquid Web. The plans are finely tuned around the company’s products and come with free SSL certificates…”

Non WordPress, but useful anyway…

The div that looks different in every browser
Fun and weird!

Slickmap 2.0
“Slickmap CSS is a simple stylesheet for displaying finished site maps directly from HTML unordered list navigation. It’s suitable for most web sites – accommodating up to four levels of page navigation and additional utility links – and can easily be customized to meet your own individual needs, branding, or style preferences…”

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