70 – Using Viral Marketing to grow your audience with Savvas Zortikis from Viral Loops

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Discussion – Should we become wedded to one set of tools? – [3:22]

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Interview – Using Viral Marketing to grow your audience with Savvas Zortikis from Viral Loops – [22:49]

Ending Fact – Should you include your telephone number on your homepage? – [50:57]

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Speaking of Giveaways, Contest and Prizes, the SaaS app that you use on the WP Builds website to enter the competitions is called Viral Loops and today we have Savvas Zortikis on to speak about it.

The idea behind viral marketing is that you offer something that people want and you ask them for their email in return. Well, that’s all pretty standard stuff that we’ve all known about since 1995! The word ‘viral’ is used here because of the fact that your entrants are encouraged to share your offer because if they do, they increase their own chance of winning. The more you share, the more you’re likely to walk away with the prize.

Viral Loops does this really well and I’m happy to be a user of their platform. You can set up all sorts of different campaigns as you can see in this image. Each campaign has a different goal in mind, whether that’s go refer more leads, build a waiting list, or create a leaderboard to increase competition.

If you are launching a product or service, or just want to grow your email list then viral marketing might well be something that you want to look seriously, and I would say that Viral Loops is a great place to start that search!

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