110 – A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice

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Interview – A WordPress intranet solution from WOffice

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Today we have not one but two people on the podcast. Baptiste Debever and Francois Forest are WordPress plugin and theme developers based in France. During this podcast we discuss two of their products, a WordPress theme called WOffice and a SaaS app called Feedier. They both do completely different things, so let’s get started…

WOffice is a WordPress based intranet solution which is built as a theme. If you don’t know what an intranet is, it’s a way to store data which is just available to you and your team. It’s often used by companies so that they can store all of the data that they need in their company, but it’s available online and hidden behind a username and password.

There are loads of these kinds of products on the internet that you can subscribe to for a monthly fee, but WOffice, being based upon WordPress is going to work out much cheaper and is going to be more customisable, in that you can manipulate your data to get it to show whatever you like, should you have the time and skills to do that!

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It’s a really comprehensive, having feature after feature listed on their website homepage page. There are over 200 listed and so I’m not going to try to list them all because I’ll be here all day!

I think that you could use this to run your own WordPress website building business, keep all of the data about your clients in there and interacting with your team or freelancers who you use. Another option might be to sell this to your clients who are looking for a more affordable intranet solution. I can see this as a great upsell option when you build their site as a well as something that you could maintain for them as a part of your website care plan.

It looks like a great product with heaps and heaps of options that you can explore to your hearts content!

We also talk about their decision to sell their product on Themeforest, why they did this and what they think about the platform.

We then change subject and talk about their SaaS product called Feedier which is a platform to get user feedback on your website.

This will work on WordPress or any other platform for that matter. It’s super beautiful and simple to use and provides a popup on pages of your site – think chat widget. It’s UVP is that it adds a level of gamification to the whole process of getting feedback, because as we know, we’re all fed up of being asked to provide feedback, so this solution assists with getting that all important data. The primary reason that we’re all so fed up of providing feedback is, I think, that there’s really nothing in it for us, so we just close the box and move on. Feedier is all about offering the user something in return for their time and opinions. So… fill out this and we’ll give you $10 your next purchase… fill this out and we’ll give you some free 1-2-1 coaching… whatever you like.

Again, very cool and something that you might be able to offer to your clients!

Enjoy this week and remember that you can get 30% off Feedier with offer code “WPBUILDSLOVE” and if you reach out the the guys about WOffice and say that you heard them on the WP Builds podcast, they’ll get you a discount too!

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