68 – “GeneratePress Sites” is going to speed up your site building with Tom Usborne and Paul Lacey

In this episode:

Discussion – How to find enthusiasm in our work – [3:49]

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Interview – “GeneratePress Sites” is going to speed up your site building with Tom Usborne and Paul Lacey – [28:03]

Ending Fact – Memcached vulnerability – [1:13:11]

On the podcast this week we have not one, but two guests! They’ve come on to talk about the work that they’ve been doing to keep the amazingly popular WordPress theme GeneratePress up to date and relevant. Those two people are Tom Usborne, the lead developer from GeneratePress, and Paul Lacey, a long time user of the theme who runs The Dickiebirds Studio, a WordPress agency based in the UK.

The theme has been growing and growing of late and Tom thought that it was time to add a new feature that’s going to make him very popular! It’s called GeneratePress Sites and it will allow you chose from a range of pre-designed sites, click a button and import those site’s designs and pages.

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I’m sure that we can all agree that sometimes, getting a site started is the hard part. You’ve lost your inspiration and would like some assistance to get you over that initial design hurdle. Well, that’s what GeneratePress Sites are here to do, to give you inspiration, so that you can get started with a rock solid, well designed ‘template’ that you can customise and make your own.

The intention here is not for you to pick a site, press the button and then pitch it as finished to your client! It’s about giving you something to build upon and take you in a direction that you might not have gone, left to your own devices.

When Tom was thinking this over, he decided that the best people to create these GeneratePress Sites would be the people who actually use his theme and know it’s strengths; know what it’s best at and what can be achieved with it. Paul Lacey was one of the people that Tom reached out to, so his designs are some of the first out-of-the-gate, I’m sure that you’re going to love what he’s done.

Both Tom and Paul talk about the process of getting the sites installed within GeneratePress, and what you can and cannot expect them to do. Tom also talks about the future of the concept of “Sites” and of where this might go in the months and years to come.

This concept is so hot and new, that I’m not even sure that it’s in the GeneratePress stable release yet, but if you go to their Facebook group, you’re sure to find out when it crosses the line and goes live!

As always, a great interview with two honest to goodness gentleman, who both deserve rewards for their dedication to the WordPress space.

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