25 – Beaver Themer with Justin Busa and Robby McCullough

25 – Beaver Themer with Justin Busa and Robby McCullough

Today we welcome back Robby and Justin from Beaver Builder. The last time they joined us was for our Christmas special. This time it just feels like Christmas. If you didn’t know already the Beaver Builder team have just released their Beaver Themer extension.

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It’s an amazing, ground breaking plugin that allows you to…. well, here’s the thing… It does a lot. It changes so much. We’ll only gush if we try to explain it so you so you will just have to listen to the episode.

Here what we talk about:

Beaver Themer. What it does, who it’s for and how it was priced. Also about integrations and it future.

The Beaver Builder plugin and theme. What is coming in version 2.0 and what could have been missed already.

The Beaver Builder community. How it is still growing, yet is still managing to be a kind and special place.

A parrot!

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